Friday, October 07, 2005

Another Army informant killed by Ranil Wijayapala and Trincomalee correspondent

Daily News-)ct. 03: Suspected LTTE cadres beat to death yet another Army informant in the highly secured area near 22 Division Headquarters of the Sri Lanka Army, in Trincomalee yesterday afternoon, Defence sources said yesterday.

The informant a former member of LTTE and an informant attached to the Army was walking towards his residence in Oor's Hill Road, Trincomalee. Police investigation have revealed that a group of three had perpetrated the crime using a iron rod and swords and have escaped from the scene. The deformed body of the informant had been found by a passerby woman 20 minutes after he left the Army camp.

According to Police sources there had been information for the last few days that some suspected group has entered the area to assassinate some people connected to the Army Intelligence Unit.

SLMM Spokeswoman Agnes Bragadottir told the Daily News that the SLMM office in Trincomalee will also conduct investigation whether there is any LTTE connection to the murder. She said the Army and Police have accused the LTTE for the murder but they had no confirmation about it. International organisations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other such organisations accused the LTTE for killing Army informants but LTTE continuously denied those charges against them.


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