Friday, June 15, 2007

LTTE prepares for final battle in Thoppigala

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) commando units advanced from multiple fronts and overran at least four LTTE bases in the Thoppigala area last week. A multi pronged thrust from SLA commando units caused the LTTE to vacate their positions in Narakamulla area and retreat further towards the Thoppigala mountain. 2 soldiers were killed and 17 others were injured. Nearly 30 LTTE cadres were KIA and an unknown number were wounded. SLA was able to retrieve 8 LTTE bodies scattered near the newly captured FDL.

It is now learnt by military intelligence that LTTE cadres are digging new trenches around their main bases in Thoppigala. Even though the trapped LTTE cadres have pleaded with Wanni leadership for evac, they have been ordered to remain and defend Thoppigala. The main reason for evac request seems to be the lack of supplies; LTTE cadres in the area are facing a severe food shortage. LTTE lost its sea based supply route from Wanni to East when the army captured main LTTE bases in the coastal area during the Vakarai offensive. However, there is a high possibility of more fierce battles erupting in the area as LTTE builds its defenses and as army opens up new fronts in the battle for Thoppigala.


'Karuna group' threatens TNA MP

A Tamil parliamentarian complaints that he received death threats from Tamil paramiliratries whilst police looked on.

The incident happened in Thirukkovil when Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian Chandranehru Chandrakanth visited the area with Urban Development Board officers.

Speaking to BBC Sandeshaya Chandranehru Chandrakanth, MP, criticised the way police handled the incident when members of Karuna faction threatened him.

"If police is unable to take action when a parliamentarian is threatened, what sort of protection they can give to general public” he questioned.

According to the MP officers from both Kalmune and Akkaraipatu police stations were with him but did not arrest Iniyabharathi, a 'commandant' of the group led by Karuna, the MP said.

When Iniyabharathi who came in a white van loaded with weapons threatened Chandrakanth with death police officers surrounded him and took him away from the incident in a police van.

“Police and my bodyguards told me that it is important to avoid bloodshed than confronting Karuna’s people” said Chandrakanth.

“They were armed and I saw a lot of weapons inside their white van” he added.

The parliamentarian is confident that Iniyabharathi is a commander of Karuna fraction. Police officrers also knew who Iniyabharathi was, according to the parliamentarian.

He has registered his complaint at Thirukkovil police station and informed the Deputy Inspector General of Police Lasantha De Silva.

“DIG instructs the police to take me out of the area, so they put me in an ambulance and brought me to Colombo” said the MP.