Monday, January 29, 2007

Two more LTTE camps fall to STF - Kangikadaichi Aru

SL Police Special Task Force personnel continuing on the anti-terror operation "Definite Victory" (Niyathai Jaya) in Ampara district captured two more LTTE camps located inside Kangikadaichi Aru jungle this morning (Tuesday the 30th of January).

The STF sources said that they have found a large food storeroom and a medical unit in the two LTTE camps captured deep inside the woods in Gangamuwa area.

A large stock of medicine and dry foods believed to be donated by INGOs were also found inside the camps. Two double cabs, a van, a mini truck, three motorbikes and few generators are among the other items recovered in the latest phase of the operation.

In September 2006, the STF personnel launched their first anti -terror move in to Ampara district since the signing of 2002 CFA. Since the beginning of last year, the LTTE stepped up violence in Ampara, Thirukkovil, Akkaraipaththuwa, and Bakmitiyawa areas disrupting the normalcy.

The terrorists re-launched their ethnic cleansing campaigns against Sinhalese and Muslim civilians , while the Tamil civilians in Ampara were subjected to a massive recruitment drive that marked with large number of abductions and assassinations.

The STF , the government's only paramilitary has hitherto destroyed 20 odd LTTE strong hold located in the jungles in Ampara district during its operation.

following list of items were recovered at the Medical Center and the food storage captured by the STF personnel during the Operation.

At The Medical Centre

  1. Two Double Cabs loaded with medicines

  2. Three Motor Cycles

  3. A Van (Dolphin)

  4. A Double Cab (Nissan)

  5. A Tractor

  6. A Generator (20Kv)

  7. Three Generators (2.5Kv)

  8. Ten beds

  9. Large quantity of Medicines

  10. A Oxygen Cylinder

  11. Office Equipments

  12. A 21' TV

And at the Storage

  1. Fifty two Rice packs

  2. Twelve tents

  3. Twenty five plastic buckets


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