Monday, February 06, 2006

Sri Lankan Tamils are not barbarians - V. Anandasangaree

V. Anandasangaree, President of the Tamil United Liberation Front in a strongly worded condemnation, demanded from Velupillai Prabakaran, the reclusive leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to withdraw the allegation that clay-more attacks on the Sri Lanka Army was by the civilians and not by them. He castigated the LTTE leader and said clearly that Sri Lankan Tamils are not barbarians to be involved in such terrorist acts of attacking the armed forces by triggering claymore bombs as alleged by the Sri Lanka’s Tamil rebel outfit.

"I very strongly condemn the claim of one of the Leaders of the LTTE that the clay-more attack on the military was by the civilians and not by them."

In a statement released to the press, Anandasangaree, has severely reprimanded the leader of the LTTE and demanded the immediate withdrawal of the alleged statement. "I very strongly condemn the claim of one of the Leaders of the LTTE that the clay-more attack on the military was by the civilians and not by them. The LTTE Leader must withdraw this allegation, before the International Community forms the impression that we, the Sri Lankan Tamils are barbarians or savages."

"The Tamil people living all over the world, like any other race or group of people, are very proud of their culture and civilization and will not tolerate any body doing anything to damage or cause dishonor to their culture or civilization," he said.

The Leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front pointed out: "We are a God fearing race, non-aggressive and peaceful. It is our tradition not to harm even a deadly serpent. It is very unfortunate that the LTTE who claims to be the guardian of the Tamil culture and civilization should make such an irresponsible statement that could cause extensive damage and bring dishonor to the reputation of the Tamil race."

He exhorted the LTTE and challenged any one from the areas where such attacks took place, to come forward with any evidence available to prove this claim of the LTTE.

Anandasangaree, President, Tamil United Liberation Front was critical when he threw an open challenge, "Will any one of the 21 Tamil Members of Parliament representing the Tamils of the North and east, dare say that the civilians are involved in the clay-more attacks on the military personnel."

He further continued with his challenge at the TNA parliamentarians and demanded "Can’t they do a Sathyagraha protesting against this claim of the LTTE and compel the LTTE to withdraw this ridiculous charge against the civilians, who are undergoing untold hardships under the LTTE rule."

“The whole world should be made to know that the Sri Lankan population, whether Tamils, Muslims or Sinhalese, are all law-abiding citizens and shun violence.”

"They don’t derive pleasure in creating widows and orphans. They are well aware that the service personnel too are human beings, having families to look after and when they are blown to pieces the families are left as destitute," he said.

Anandasangaree clarified that they also know that clay-more attacks and grenade attacks cause only fear and tension to the innocent civilians who want only peace. He further added that the Tamils are a much respected race and the LTTE should not discredit them.

Anandasangaree reminded, "One should not forget that till the cease-fire agreement was signed, the people were living peacefully in the areas under the control of the Government. The CFA gave a golden opportunity to the LTTE to go into the Government controlled areas to do Political work and not to organize hartals and demonstrations."

He further said, "They are not expected to control the administration or to terrorize the poor timid civilians. They are not expected to throw hand-bombs and plant clay-more mines. In short they were allowed into Government controlled areas to genuinely work for peace and not to make things difficult to bring back peace."

"It is with this intention that the LTTE cleverly maneuvered to keep every body, including the Norwegian facilitators out of the areas under their control."

Anandasangaree in his statement lamented that the extent of CFA violations of the LTTE inside the areas under their control is hardly known to the outside world, but in other areas the number of violations had exceeded six thousand.

He asked whether the LTTE or those who defend them deny the existence of detention camps, torture camps and dark room chambers. He further revealed that there are also abductions, extortions, killings and conscription of children as child soldiers.

Anandasangaree in his statement argued, "If the LTTE is really interested in protecting the people they will not get involved in violent activities against the army deliberately, to provoke them to attack the civilians."

He pointed out "The best examples for the irresponsible conduct of the LTTE are grenade attacks on the army at the Jaffna bus stand, near Mannar and Chavakachcheri hospitals the clay-more attack on the Navy at Mannar in which 12 sailors were killed etc."

I humbly appeal to the LTTE to give up all these, and not to implicate the innocent civilians in violent activities. Sixty to Seventy thousand lives had been lost and destruction to property is worth several billions, he said in his statement.

He urged the LTTE to immediately halt their activities, stop killing of civilians or forces and genuinely return to the negotiation table and agree for an early settlement.

"It is very unfortunate that the good name earned by the forces under very strenuous circumstances over a period of time had been badly affected by the hasty actions of some in a short time.” He urged that the army also should act responsibly by tracing the culprits and taking action against them without punishing the innocent civilians who have gathered at the scene of the incident by accident."

By doing so, the army can earn the goodwill of the people, and also help to solve the problem early, Anandasangaree reminded in his statement.


Karuna group kills eight Tigers

A group of Karuna loyalists attacked and killed eight Wanni LTTE cadres on Thursday (12) police sources in Ampara said yesterday. However, the security forces in the East were unable to confirm the attack. The Karuna group had fired on an LTTE camp and retreated into the Kanjukuddichcha Aru Jungle with the LTTE in pursuit. Once their pursuers had themselves entered the jungle the Karuna cadres had regrouped and attacked them, killing eight, sources said.