Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sri Lanka's Military to deal with Karuna cadres sternly by Munza Mushtaq

Sri Lanka's military spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe has reiterated that security forces will take all possible measures to 'deal to the maximum' with LTTE renegade leader Karuna and his cadres if they disturb the peace in any government-controlled area.

Brigadier Samarasinghe told the “Asian Tribune” that, "anyone unauthorized possessing arms operating in government-controlled areas will be arrested. No mercy will be shown on anyone or any group," he stressed.

He also scoffed at recent reports appearing on the LTTE Peace Secretariat which claimed that Tiger cadres had arrested a person who claimed to be a Karuna cadre named Jayachandran on July 7th, who had said claimed the Karuna group and Sri Lankan army (SLA) provided him with claymore mine materials to carry out an attack against the LTTE. Jayachandran had also claimed that the Karuna group members and 50 Sri Lanka Army troops escorted him into the LTTE area for the attack.

Brigadier Samarasinghe noted however that neither he nor the military were "bothered with such false negative propaganda against the security forces."

The military spokesman also maintained that the security forces were at no given time housing any armed group in government controlled areas.