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Tamils stuck in Prabhakaran’s terrorism – Col Karuna

Colombo, 27 November, ( Declaring that the Tamils have lost their freedom struggle because they are stuck in terrorism V. Muralitharan (Col. Karuna) President of the Tamileelam Makkal Viduthalai Puligal (TMVP) has asked the new government of Mahinda Rajapakse to:

1. revise the Ceasefire Agreement that paved the way for the LTTE to kill Tamils, Muslims and Armed Forces;

2. reconsider the role of Norway and

3. LTTE should be disarmed before commencing any talks.

Muralitharan raised these and other issues in exposing Prabhakaran’s anti-democratic terror tactics in his Heroes’ Day speech.

Here is the full text of his speech:

On a day when we dedicate ourselves to the memory of our fighters who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Tamil Elam we have to pray for the liberation of our Tamil people.

We have before us the duty to ensure that the valour and sacrifices of our fighters are not made meaningless.

We had with us many intellectuals and leaders to lead and guide our people. But, we have lost all of them. Therefore it is our foremost duty to safeguard the lives of our remaining intellectuals and learned men and women.

I very much regret the fact that we who started a freedom struggle to liberate our people are fighting our own youth instead of fighting the enemy.

I never wanted our youth to fight among themselves and get mutually destroyed. I have seen for myself how wrong this is. That is why I sent all my young fighters to their homes. However, the LTTE killed all those whom we sent home without remorse or mercy. They were killed even when they were asleep and by treachery. We cannot call this an act of valour.

They have forgotten that their struggle is for the liberation of our people and these evil men who engage in nothing but murder have not left alone our younger generation. In order to save our youths and our people from the LTTE leadership we had to ask our cadres who were sent home to take up arms again in order to defeat and chase out these traitors to our cause.

I wanted to be on the sidelines at least for some time but the murderous acts of Pirabaharan had brought me back to the scene. We had been conducting some defensive attacks on the LTTE for the past one and a half years. Sadly those who were killed in these attacks were all Tamils. We have to think why this situation was created.

It is clearly evident for us that the leadership of our people and its liberation has got entrapped in the hands of wrong leaders. It is now several years since this leadership was rejected by the international community. Even now some countries are trying to ban this leadership. We should carefully consider why this has happened.

The reason is clear. It is because our liberation struggle has deteriorated into terrorism. We have still not achieved liberation because Pirapaharan’s terrorism stands in the path of our liberation struggle blocking its advance.

We should not forget the fact that the one single obstacle to our liberation is Pirapaharan. Only those people who have benefited by his terrorism are trying to hide this fact.

Pirapaharan has thrust upon the Tamil people a totalitarian control. He is camouflaging his dictatorship with the Tamil Eelam label. One example of his dictatorship was the violent force he had used to stop the people of North East from participating in the election held on the 17th. He demonstrated that he alone has the full dictatorial control over events in North East and that the Tamil people have no rights of their own. This has once again proved that our people do not know how to get out of the clutches of these evil men who run a dictatorial regime. This is nothing new. It was happening for years. He will allow the people to go to vote whenever he wants them to vote and stop them from exercising their voting rights whenever he wants them not to vote. This is how dictators behave. It is in the hands of our people to accept him or reject him.

He praised Ranil Wickremasinghe as a good and able person. Then at the elections he stabbed him in the back. Ranil did not give what he bargained for. That was the reason why he ensured Ranil’s defeat.

He created a long lasting enmity within the Tamils by the killing members of other Tamil groups and Tamil leaders. In order to end this enmity we are now forced to turn our guns against him. This makes me wonder where we are heading for.

I wonder whether all the sacrifices of our young men are meaningless. We should not allow their sacrifices to be wasted. Therefore we should get together to save the lives of our youth.

We would like to make one request to the cadres who are now supporting the LTTE leadership which is entrenched in Vanni. Reject this leadership and join us. We lost our fighters all these years in our struggle for freedom. But, we have not achieved the freedom we longed for. Our people who taught arts and culture to the world are now tottering without an able leadership to lead them forward. We should pose to think as to who created this situation.

I once thought that Pirapaharan and his men are travelling on the path of Tamil Eelam. I never looked into his other side. As I had an unshakable confidence in the liberation of our people I could not then see any shortcomings. I am one of those who were disillusioned because I believed that everything was done for the liberation of our people.

Except warfare nothing else interested me. Only now I realise how far we are behind in politics. By killing all those who were perceived as enemies we did not achieve liberation or political advantage. What remained was the name tag “terrorist”. These talks about peace and dialogue are in order to remove this stigma and the ugly label “terrorist”.

They have not really changed. On the outside they talk about peace but in the sly they continue to engage in murders. What is most ludicrous is that having murdered Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar they are trying to fool us by calling for inquiries into his killing and for the punishment of the perpetrators. They believe they could whitewash everything by telling lies. In the end our liberation itself will become a big lie.

There is no point in reminding again again about the past. At the same time we should not forget the past.

Let us on this Heroes Day once more dedicate ourselves for the liberation of our people for which our young men and women sacrificed their lives having reposed their believe in our goal and policies. The international community has recognised that we are a separate nation.

The policies of those who claim to be the sole representatives of the Tamils our political rights have been pushed backwards. However, we will win the rights of our people. We will continue our fight until such time we satisfactorily achieve the rights of our people.

We wish to settle the differences between the two communities by dialogue. Because of the rights issue, the two communities in Ceylon have suffered in many ways. The Sinhalese leaders too have learnt some lessons. Continuing the war will take the country backwards but not forward.

Though some parties are rejecting the rights of the Tamil people, those who have come to power understand the reality. Sinhala parties have different policies. We need not worry about that. Let them have their policies. But if we stand firm on our policies we can win back our rights.

At this juncture we have to stand between terrorism and opportunism and continue our struggle to win back our rights. The Sinhala people and Tamil people have so far failed to reach a solution. We cannot find a solution through agents.

In order to find a solution, those countries who knew very well our histories and who are in touch with our people should come forward to assist us. There are only two such countries that fall into this category. They are India and Britain. Only these two countries understand our problems very well. We would welcome only their mediation. In particular, India is the country which should come forward to settle our problem. Britain is a country that ruled us and later transferred the administration in the hands of the Colombo people.

It is Pirapaharan who is preventing these two countries from interfering in our problem.

All the countries feel that finding a solution at this stage will only strengthen the hands of Pirapaharan and his organisation. If Pirapaharan’s hands are strengthened, it would strengthen the hands of terrorism. Pirapaharan’s organisation is considered by the international community as a terrorist group. This is why his organisation is banned as a terrorist group. Thus, it is very clear that the only obstacle to find a solution to our problem is Pirapaharan.

However, if our people can unite together we can achieve freedom very soon.

We are prepared to make concessions. We need intellectuals and leaders to lead our people. They should shed their fears of the Vanni LTTE leadership and come forward to unite together.

The path to our liberation is very clear. We lost our freedom struggle because we were stuck in terrorism. The real freedom lovers should come forward in unison to defeat terrorism and to achieve our freedom. Our people’s problem is not one man’s problem. All of us have a role in finding a solution to the national problem of our people. No one person can claim the sole right to lead our freedom struggle. Therefore I call upon all the Tamil groups that loved our freedom and made sacrifices with the lives of their cadres and all Tamil people to unite together.

From the start of the freedom struggle until today all Tamil groups have made sacrifices with the lives of their members. It is nothing but dictatorial to claim that one single group had made sacrifices.

I am not claiming to lead our people and I am not asking you to follow me. My request to all of you is to get together so that we could lead a common struggle to achieve our freedom.

There are many people who have made greater sacrifices than the sacrifices I have made. We have to recognise those sacrifices. In our selfishness we should not belittle those sacrifices by calling them traitors and thereby hurt the struggle of our people.

Our Tamileelam Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) organisation and the Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front (ENDLF) came together last year to form the Tamileelam Ikkiya Viduthalai Munnani (TIVM).

We formed this joint organisation in order to demonstrate that North and East are together in our struggle for liberation and to show our unity and friendliness. This showed that no one is big or small but that all of us should work together by forgetting our differences in size or importance for the sake of a common cause.

We should very soon establish the real representation of our people. That representation would include all eligible persons. That representation should take our problem to India and Europe in order to find the correct solution.

No one should fear the armed intimidation of Pirapaharan. Time will give him an answer. My request to all Tamil groups is that as we understand our people’s problem very well we all should join together. All of us have to share the responsibility for the deaths of our people. If we have led our freedom struggle in the correct path we would have achieved freedom a long time ago. We need not have lost so many lives.

On an occasion when we remember the sacrifices of our fighters we have to find ways to save the lives of our young men from death and destruction and to make them live longer. The future of our people is in the hands of the youth. By leading them on the correct path we could make our people stand high in this world and make them the backbone of the modern scientific world.

Our problem is inter-related to the problems of the Muslims. Only a comprehensive solution to the problems of all Tamil speaking peoples could help establish a permanent peace in this country. The ethnic problem will continue so long as the rights of the Muslims are denied.

In the meantime, we wish to ask the newly elected Government to immediately revise the ceasefire agreement that had paved the way for the LTTE to kill Tamils, Muslims and the Armed Forces. The government should also re-consider the role of Norway which had facilitated the agreement. We wish to tell the Government that if there is to be true peace in this country, LTTE should be disarmed before commencing any talks with them.

At this time when we are remembering our heroic youths, I request the Tamil speaking people to make a determination to save the lives of our youths.

Nanri, (Thanks.) Vanakam.

V.Muralithran (Karuna)
Tamileelam Makkal Viduthalai Puligal (TMVP)


Sri Lanka: LTTE Heroes Day speech reveals an organisation in crisis

Each year the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), V. Prabhakaran, delivers a "Heroes Day Speech" that is regarded a major statement of policy. This year’s speech on November 27 revealed an organisation in deep political turmoil, caught between a return to war and a "peace process" that has no resolution in sight.

Well aware of mounting hostility among Tamils and frustration in his own ranks, Prabhakaran was compelled to warn, particularly as the day was to mark the sacrifice of the LTTE's fighters that the current impasse could not continue indefinitely if peace talks did not resume.

However, prospects for renewed negotiations are bleak. The speech came just a week after Mahinda Rajapakse of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) was elected the new Sri Lankan president. He won the election with the backing of two Sinhala extremist parties—the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU)—which insisted on a series of ultimatums to the LTTE.

Rajapakse announced this week that he would revise the current ceasefire agreement signed in 2002, scrap a joint mechanism with the LTTE for the distribution of tsunami aid agreed last year, and discuss peace with "all parties involved in the crisis". If the LTTE agreed to any or all of these measures, it would involve a humiliating back down on previously stated positions.

In his speech, Prabhakaran warned: "Our people have lost patience, hope and reached the brink of utter frustration. They are not prepared to be tolerant any longer. The new government should come forward soon with a reasonable political framework that will satisfy the political aspirations of the Tamil people." This was “an urgent final appeal," he declared, and, if rejected, the LTTE "will, next year, intensify ... the struggle for self-determination, to establish self-government in a [Tamil] homeland."

The LTTE’s frustration stems from the fact that it agreed to a ceasefire in February 2002 with the United National Front (UNF) government. In subsequent negotiations, it abandoned its central demand for a separate Tamil state in return for a power sharing arrangement with Colombo—in essence, a deal between the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim ruling elites for the mutual exploitation of the working class.

But the peace talks broke down in April 2003 after a series of provocations by the Sri Lankan armed forces. The UNF government confronted an aggressive campaign against the ceasefire and the negotiations, involving President Chandrika Kumaratunga, Sinhala extremists such as the JVP and sections of military and state bureaucracy. Kumaratunga arbitrarily dismissed the UNF government in February 2004 on the basis that it was “undermining national security".

Under pressure from the major powers and the corporate elite in Colombo, Kumaratunga then reversed her decision and sought to restart the "peace process". In June, she signed a joint agreement with the LTTE to distribute aid in the North and East which was viewed a step toward new talks. The JVP, however, denounced the deal as a "betrayal of the nation" and quit the ruling alliance. The Supreme Court finally scuttled the agreement’s implementation by ruling that its core clauses were unconstitutional. Prabhakaran declared the decision "killed the last hope" for resuming talks.

Among ordinary Tamils, discontent is on the rise, not only with the Colombo government and the military, but also with the LTTE. Despite the ceasefire, living conditions have not substantially improved. Hundreds of thousands of people still live in refugee camps or with relatives and friends. The military has insisted on maintaining extensive high security zones in the North and East, preventing thousands of people from returning to their homes, land and businesses. On top of this, the LTTE's own taxes are a huge double burden, which is compounded by the thuggish methods used by the organization to maintain its false claim to be "the sole representative" of the Tamil people.

Despite his rhetoric about "intensifying the struggle," Prabhakaran’s speech revealed a marked reluctance to return to war. He is conscious that there is no enthusiasm for war among any section of the Sri Lankan population, including Tamils in the North and East. Despite the aggressive stance of Rajapakse and the sabre-rattling of his chauvinist allies, Prabhakaran declared that the LTTE had "decided to wait and observe for some time" if the new government offers "a reasonable political framework".

A futile appeal

Prabhakaran’s moderate tone was bound up with the central thrust of his speech—an appeal to "the international community" to "understand" the LTTE’s problems and to press Colombo for the resumption of peace talks. The LTTE, he said, wanted to participate in peace talks to "secure legitimacy” and "to internationalise the struggle and win the support and sympathy of the international community"

In a revealing comment, Prabhakaran declared that the LTTE had been "compelled by unprecedented historical circumstances to participate in peace talks with the Sinhala state," first by the "Indian regional superpower" and "by the pressure of the international community at a later period". The "circumstances" were the eruption of US militarism following the September 11 attacks on the US. The LTTE, confronted with the prospect of being included in the Bush administration’s list of targets for its "war on terrorism", rapidly agreed to a ceasefire and the start of negotiations.

While it has backed the “peace process”, Washington has openly sided with Sri Lankan governments in demanding that the LTTE "renounce violence" and begin the process of disarmament prior to any political settlement. By refusing to remove the LTTE from its list of "terrorist organizations," the US has maintained a thinly veiled threat to assist the Sri Lankan military if war should resume. Over the past three years, there has been a steady stream of US officials—including military top brass—through Colombo.

The Bush administration’s support for the peace process in Sri Lanka has nothing to do with any concern for the impact of the 20-year war on the population. Having ignored the war for years, Washington wants an end to what is a continuing source of instability on the Indian subcontinent where the US has growing strategic and economic interests. The US along with India, Europe and Japan have made it abundantly clear that the LTTE can only expect a relatively minor role out of any final political settlement.

Far from "understanding" the LTTE's problems, the "international community" is ratcheting up the pressure on it. In September, the European Union imposed a travel ban on the LTTE after the assassination of the Sri Lankan foreign minister Lakshman Kadirgamar—despite the lack of conclusive proof that the LTTE was responsible. Following the November 17 presidential poll, the US sharply criticized the LTTE for its “clear campaign of intimidation” in imposing an informal election boycott.

Yet Prabhakaran was reduced in his speech to making a rather pathetic appeal to the same "international community". The LTTE is treading a well-worn path that over the past decade or so has seen "national liberation movements," such as the PLO in the Middle East and the ANC in South Africa, accommodate to the demands of the imperialist powers in return for a minor place within the capitalist order.

It is not from lack of trying that the LTTE leaders have failed to complete the transition from jungle fatigues to business suits. At the first round of talks in 2003, Anton Balasingham, the LTTE’s chief negotiator, said the hopes of Sri Lankan leaders to convert the country "into a successful Tiger economy" could “best be realised by embracing the Tamil Tigers as their equal partners”. In his latest speech, Prabhakaran explained that the LTTE had on offer a "formidable" administrative structure, a powerful military force and a "police force and a judicial system to maintain law and order".

From Prabhakaran’s standpoint, the LTTE has gained absolutely nothing, in spite of its concessions, in the three years since the ceasefire was signed. Boxed into a corner, the LTTE may well decide to return to war. Just as politicians in Colombo are stirring up anti-Tamil chauvinism to divert attention from the deepening social crisis confronting ordinary people, so the LTTE leadership is increasingly whipping up anti-Sinhala communalism in a desperate attempt to shore up its social base.

In his speech, Prabhakaran repeatedly equated the Sinhala ruling elites with the mass of ordinary working people, who are not to blame for the anti-Tamil discrimination of successive Colombo governments. He declared that the "Sinhala nation continues to be entrapped in the Mahavamsa mindset" and failed to recognize the “historically constituted nation of Tamil people” and their "homeland".

Prabhakaran’s resort to communalism is an admission of political bankruptcy. Like its Sinhala counterparts in Colombo, the LTTE is incapable of offering a progressive solution to the island’s devastating war, let alone ending the social misery facing millions of people in the North and East. Its only answer to the aggressive stance of the Rajapakse government is to respond in kind: by poisoning the political atmosphere with reactionary chauvinist rhetoric and threatening a return to bloody fighting.

- World Socialist Web Site -


Colonel Karuna on Prabakaran’s duplicity

Colombo, 19 November, ( Colonel Karuna alias Venayagamoorthy Muralitharan , the leader of the breakaway group from the LTTE, in an exclusive interview with Asian Tribune, said that Tamil National Force, TamilEela Makal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) and the Tamils are ready to work with the President elect Mahinda Rajapakse to search for an acceptable solution along with other like - minded Tamil groups and Tamil leaders.

He said that he wishes to send through ‘Asian Tribune’ his congratulations to the President-elect, Mahinda Rajapakse. He has also conveyed his best wishes on his 60th birthday.

Colonel Karuna said that he expects that during Mahinda Rajapakse’s Presidency the issues connected with the Tamils and Tamil speaking people in this country would be solved and a sustainable peace with honor and dignity would be found once and for all.

Colonel Karuna stressed that the new President should come forward without delay to amend the Ceasefire Agreement which gave immense power to Prabakaran to kill the Tamils and that Tamil group opposes to his self centered politics of violence, terror and mayhem.

He said: "The new Ceasefire Agreement should effectively enforce the decommissioning of arms and ammunitions of Prabakaran and his men, All the so - called political offices in the areas under the control of the Sri Lanka government should be disbanded forthwith and A-9 road has to be brought under the control of the newly formed Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission.

"Government of Norway which spent millions of US Dollars to prop-up the candidature of Ranil Wickremasinghe and also keep on pumping millions of dollars on anti - Sri Lankan and anti-Tamil campaigns should be condemned openly, “Karuna pointed out.

Norwegian Embassy in Colombo which functions as the paymaster of monies to all the anti-Tamil, anti-Karuna and anti-Mahinda NGO’s should stop channeling secret funds forthwith. Otherwise we may be compelled to take necessary political actions to stop pumping funds and organizing the smuggling of lethal weapons to kill the Tamils and to disrupt peace and stability in the country, Colonel Karuna warned.

"Also we request that the present toothless Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission led by Norwegian retired Army personnel which is biased and bent only on supporting the LTTE should be disbanded and a new monitoring mission of SAARC countries be formed to monitor any violations of the future amended the Ceasefire Agreement ," he said.

When commenting about the election, he said whatever said and done Prabakaran and Ranil Wickremasinghe combine was unable to stop Mahinda Rajapakse winning the Presidential election.

Colonel Karuna told that the Tamils in the North and East have shattered the myth that LTTE led by Prabakaran is the sole representatives of the Tamils.

This has enraged the LTTE and Prabakaran and he was forced to unleash the unprecedented threat, terror and violence on the Tamil peoples to prevent the Tamils from voting and depriving them the opportunity to express their choice and denying their fundamental democratic rights of exercising their franchise.

If Prabharan was so sure that the Tamils would listen to his words and if they really recognized him as their sole representative and were not willing to participate in the voting according to his Aanai – edict, then there was no need for him apply fear tactics and send his murderous cadres even into a mosque in Akkaraipattu to lob two grenades and kill the innocent Muslim worshippers, with the view to create tension between the Tamils and Muslims in the East and create ethnic clashes in the East.

Furthermore Karuna said, “We are fully aware that two batches of 20 special intelligent cadres in each batch were dispatched to the East from Vanni and they were with Bhanu at Karadiyanaru where they were given the necessary plans and instructions to disrupt the election and they were the ones responsible for the terror and mayhem that were let loose at Prabharan’s behest in the East on the polling day.”

Colonel Karuna pointed out that one more time Prabakaran has amply exhibited to the international community by his acts that he is of course a terrorists and would never change. “I condemn him for his terrorists’ activities and for denying the Tamils their basic rights of exercising their franchise” Karuna admonished.


Karuna fled with UNP support, because he feared the disciplinary action -- Eelanatham Editorial.

Colombo, 13 November, ( The latest editorial of Eelanatham, the official Tamil language daily of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam published from Kilinochchi , has come down hard on Karuna, the breakaway rebel from the LTTE, and the UNP.

The editorial refutes the UNP claim that it split the LTTE into Karuna and Prabhakaran camps. It states : " Ranil did not split Karuna from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, but Karuna fled fearing the disciplinary action and may be UNP would have given him the refuge. "

In an editorial titled “Traitors and Guardians” states :

United National Party (UNP) has begun to make haughty claims that it was Ranil Wickremasinghe who was responsible for Karuna leaving the LTTE . The UNP claims that Karuna left after they took him on tours abroad and showed him the outside world.

The same view has been expressed by one of the leaders of the ruling UPFA. Repeating his previous statements, Mangala Samaraweera confirmed that it was UNP that created Karuna.

It is necessary to state initially that the UNP’s claim and the confirmation by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party were designed to serve their own purposes. The UNP has claimed this to satisfy the Sinhala racial chauvinist and to influence their vote bank.

ON the other hand, SLFPers are happy that they were able to shatter whatever a small degree of trust the Tamils had on Ranil Wickremasinghe. They are attempting to exploit this situation to prevent the minorities, especially the Tamils, from voting in support of Ranil Wickremasinghe.

Nobody has expected that UNP would make such an announcement because there was a healthy climate in the north and the east for the UNP to win the Tamil votes. But now there are doubts as to whether the UNP would be able to get at least a small percentage of the votes of the Tamils. The two UNP claims of breaking up the LTTE and helping Karuna to arrive safely in Colombo have caused the Tamils to turn away from the UNP and the Ranil. It is possible that Ranil is likely to get fewer votes than what he expected.

But it must be emphasized that there is no connection for Karuna’s departure and the UNP, as claimed by these two political parties. The truth is that, as usual, the successive Sri Lanka governments gave support and patronized the anti-social elements and traitors. Similarly they gave support and protection to Karuna. This was done when UNP was in power. The UPFA would have done the same if it was in power.

It is far from truth to claim that Karuna left because he had visited foreign countries or because he had confidence in the Sri Lanka Government. Karuna fled from the Tiger organization because the Tiger leadership was getting ready to take disciplinary action against Karuna. Karuna fled because he was not able to face the charges and the disciplinary action.

However, it cannot be denied that when Karuna was in a difficult situation it was UNP that saved him and brought him to Colombo. When Karuna was trying to flee and was trying to establish contacts with the Sri Lanka Government, it was UNP that provided the necessary contacts.

Therefore, it is meaningless for one section to claim that they weakened the Tigers and for the other side to repeat the same. The truth remains that it was Sri Lanka Government that is providing the necessary protection and the support to one who has been accused of violating the rules of the LTTE was facing disciplinary inquiry.

The reality was that when Tigers took action against Karuna, Sri Lanka rulers thought that they may be able to gain political mileage by supporting Karuna but Karuna failed to live up to their expectation.

If those who anticipated that they would be able to bring an end to the struggle of the Tamils by making use of Karuna, then it is evident that Karuna has disappointed them, states the editorial.


Colonel Karuna’s TVMP denies involvement in threat campaign against any presidential election candidates.

Colombo, 31 October, ( Eelam Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TVMP), the political formation led by V. Muralitharan alias Colonel Karuna has slammed a newspaper report emanating from Colombo for publishing news report alleging them of involved in a threat campaign against the UNP Presidential election candidate.

“We are not planning any campaign of threat against the UNP candidate Ranil Wickremasinghe, “emphasised TVMP.

While vehemently denying the news report, the press statement released by the TVMP pointed out, “We believe the report appearing in a Sri Lankan English language daily newspaper was planted with ulterior motives to win sympathy for the UNP candidate by some interested groups.”

The statement reminded, “Unlike the Vanni based LTTE, we respect the democratic rights of the Tamils of North East of Sri Lanka to exercise their franchise freely in which ever way they wish.”

TVMP in its statement announced that they have so far not finalised to whom to support in the forthcoming presidential elections and categorically stated that the news reports appearing in a section of print and electronic media was misleading and incorrect.

“Our party has still not decided whether to support any candidate in the forthcoming Sri Lankan Presidential Elections. If ever we so decide, we will annnounce our decision openly. “

The press statement pointed out that there is now no such entity called “Karuna faction”.

It clarified, “After breaking away from the LTTE, we formed the Tamil Eelam Makkal Viduthalai Puligal (TMVP) under the leadership of Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan (formerly known as Colonel Karuna).”

“We function as a politico-military organisation in North East Sri Lanka. Our military program is presently aimed at wiping out the Vanni based LTTE under the leadership of Velupillai Prabaharan from the Eastern Province,” the statement underlined.

“Our military wing has recently carried out several attacks on the LTTE camps and destroyed some of them forcing LTTE to retreat to certain pockets in the western shore of Batticaloa and Vaharai in the Batticaloa district,” the statement revealed.

The full text of the press statement released by Tamil Eelam Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TVMP) is given below:

The contents of a news item prominently appearing in a Sri Lanka’s English language daily newspaper dated 29 October 2005 (not Asian Tribune) has been brought to our attention.

This report stated that Karuna faction is planning to dirsupt the forthcoming Presidential election and that a phamphlet warning those who would vote for the UNP candidate is to be released by the Karuna faction shortly. We categorically deny this report which is attributed to Karuna faction sources in Batticaloa.

There is now no such entity called “Karuna faction”. After breaking away from the LTTE, we formed the Tamil Eelam Makkal Viduthalai Puligal (TMVP) under the leadership of Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan (formerly known as Colonel Karuna). We function as a politico-military organisation in North East Sri Lanka. Our military program is presently aimed at wiping out the Vanni based LTTE under the leadership of Velupillai Prabaharan from the Eastern Province. Our military wing has recently carried out several attacks on LTTE camps and destroyed some of them forcing LTTE to retreat to certain pockets in the western shore of Batticaloa and Vaharai in the Batticaloa district.

Our political wing is dedicated to democratic principles. We have no intention whatsoever to arbitrarily interfere in the political process in Sri Lanka or to disrupt the forthcoming Presidential election. We are not planning any campaign of threat against the UNP candidate Ranil Wickremasinghe. We believe the report appearing in a Sri Lanka English language daily newspaper was planted with ulterior motives to win sympathy for the UNP candidate by some interested groups. Unlike the Vanni based LTTE, we respect the democratic rights of the Tamils of North East Sri Lanka to exercise their franchise freely in which ever way they wish.

Our party has still not decided whether to support any candidate in the forthcoming Sri Lankan Presidential Elections. If ever we so decide, we will annnounce our decision openly.

Tamil Eelam Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TVMP)


Karuna faction kills top LTTEers

Nov 15, Colombo: The Karuna faction reportedly shot and killed two senior LTTE members, including a LTTE military commander for Ampara, Suresh, in the early hours yesterday at LTTE-held Akkaraipattu.

Informed sources said that Suresh and his associate were ambushed and kidnapped by Karuna’s men and later shot and killed at Akkaraipattu. The attackers also took away two micro pistols and two mobile phones.

Suresh had led several attacks against the government forces during the war and also carried out several killings during the ceasefire period.