Friday, March 31, 2006

LTTE cooking up evidence to link Government with anti-LTTE Tamil parties

Key leaders belonging to the political wing of the TamilEela Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (Col.Karuna's wing) met the villagers at the Pechiyamman Temple grounds located in Valaichchenai on Tuesday early morning. The meeting was arranged by the villagers Kannan Kiramam, Vinayagapuram, Kannakipuram, Pethalai, Puthukudiyiruppu located in Valaichchenai.

Political wing of the TMVP led by Commander Markan, along with Pratheepan and five others spoke at the meeting. According to the TMVP spokesman, nearly 350 villagers participated in the meeting.

Thooyavan TMVP spokesman said that it was the villagers who invited them for the meeting. "Our men went unarmed for the meeting and mingled with the villagers who warmly welcomed them and listened to them," he said.

"It was unfortunate that Vanni Tigers twisted the whole story and came up with a canard which no one in the East would take it seriously ," he said.

Vanni Tigers allegations of threat and intimidation exerted by our cadres did not hold water as Suryian FM Radio blasted it when they interviewed the Military Spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe, who denied any such incidents of threat and intimidation taking place at the Pechiyamman Temple ground Tuesday, which is located in the Government controlled area, as alleged by the Vanni Tigers.

Thooyavan further said: "Suryian FM Radio, before contacting me also contacted the police station, which is located just 500 meters away from the Temple grounds. According to the Radio report 'The police' according to the news item broadcast by the radio sation, 'have denied of any threat and intimidation and they confirmed that there were no such incidents that threatened the peace in the area'."

Thooyavan further said that it is high time the Vanni Tigers stop groaning over the growing popularity of the TVMP and is leader Colonel Karuna in the midst of the Tamil and Muslim people in the East.

"The grotesque statements they make, it is quite apparent, are not meant for the consumption of the people in the East but are meant for the consumption of the international community," Thooyavan pointed out.

He further said it is high time they stop making a mockery of themselves and leave the East once and for all.

TamilNet – the pro-LTTE organ, reported that more than 150 Sri Lankan Army soldiers and around 50 paramilitary cadres rounded up five villages in Valaichenai. TamilNet also claimed: "Cadres from the ENDLF paramilitary group and a key operative of the EPDP group attached to the Sri Lanka Army camp in Valaichenai Harbour also took part in the show-down paramilitary operation."

Political observers said that the LTTE is desperately trying to cook up evidence against the government by linking SL Army with the Tamil political parties opposed to the LTTE. This has been the pattern since the Geneva talks. LTTE reports should be taken with a pinch of salt, said a leading Tamil political observer.


LTTE cadres in the Batti-Amparai await being run over by Karuna group.

Reports reveal that the situation in the East of Sri Lanka especially in the Batticaloa – Amparai districts are fastly deteriorating and the high command of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has ordered the Eastern commanders to take adequate precautionary measures to safeguard their cadres from any blitzkrieg by the rival Tamil group.

It is learnt that a couple of hundred LTTE cadres have already deserted the LTTE bases. They have run away, fearing a sudden attack on the LTTE camps, at any time by rival group – TamilEeala Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal – Colonel Karuna faction.

According to reports, a tense and a highly volatile situation are prevailing in the midst of the LTTE cadres in the Batticalao – Amparai districts. Rumors are afloat that at any time they may be subjected to a ruthless attack by the cadres belonging to Karuna group who are waiting in the jungle bordering the Tiger controlled areas.

Vanni high command, according to an intelligence report, has ordered all vehicles belonging to the LTTE to be off the road daily after 6 PM in the evening in their areas. Also cadres were strictly told not to leave the base till dawn.

In the mornings, LTTE cadres were seen inspecting the roads for any possible land mines and also to ascertain no rival cadres are lurking behind the trees. Only after the road clearance is completed, cadres are allowed to use motor cycles and other vehicles to move around the areas under their control.

According to the instructions from the Vanni high command, LTTE cadres in the Batticalao district are involved in a recruitment spree of youths, to be trained as armed cadres.

Tiger cadres manning the forward defense sentry point located in the Badulla Road at Koduwamadu had forcefully recruited 20 youths on 28 March. Majority of them were underage children from Senaikudiyirupu, Oorani, Chenkaladi and Batticaloa town. These people, as usual, went for work from the Government controlled areas to the Tiger area.

They were stopped at the forward sentry point and told that they are being detained for an inquiry. Subsequently all of them were transported in a tractor to a Tiger camp.

Similarly on 29 March, a total of 15 youths were forcefully recruited. Out of them 10 went to work in a construction site at Karadiyanaru and 5 of them were laborers went to work in the paddy fields.

Again on 30 March, 8 youths were forcefully taken away.

It is now learnt that all those forcefully recruited youths in the last three days were taken to a LTTE’s training camp under the control of Mano Master, located at Eeralakulam, close to Tharavai.

When the parents of those youths approached the forward sentry points at Koduwamadu to inquire about their children, those LTTE cadres manning the sentry point chased them away. Parents were harshly told that their children joined the LTTE on their own free will.

In the meantime, another report emerging from Batticalao revealed that suddenly Keerthi, head of the LTTE’s intelegence wing has been summoned to Vanni. Though details are sketchy, a source revealed that Keerthi, a cadre from Batticalao was summoned for inquiry and presently held under house arrest in Vanni.


LTTE 'unhappy' over Army recruiting Muslims By Munza Mushtaq

Top LTTE ranks are reported to have expressed their 'displeasure' over a recent advertisement appearing in the State owned print media calling for Muslim youth to join the Sri Lanka Army.

It is reliably learnt that the Tiger hierarchy during several internal meetings highlighted that the decision to recruit Muslims youths who would be posted in several villages in the Eastern province, could be an impediment to the LTTE organization's activities.

However Military spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe noted that the primary objective to recruit Muslim youth to the force was to protect Muslim villagers in the Ampara district. The military will initially recruit 350 Muslim youth to the battalion.

"We also hope to recruit more Muslim youth to protect villagers in other Easter province districts such as Ampara and Batticaloa on a later date," the Military spokesman said.

He emphasized that the cultural gap reduces when the military recruit youth who understands the traditions and norms of their beliefs of villagers who reside in these areas. And thus it was solely taking such matters into consideration that the Army had decided to launch a drive recruiting Muslim youth to the forces. "They can easily relate to the masses living in these villagers, so confrontation will also minimize as the people will understand what they tell," Brigadier Samarasinghe noted.

However despite expressing their displeasure on the issue, the Tiger organization is yet to make a formal compliant to Sri Lankan authorities on this issue.

During the previous regime, when the then Government took a decision to recruit Muslim youth and post them as home guards in villagers in the Eastern province, the LTTE opposed the initiative and thus the move was shelved.