Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Acquisition of nerve gas and other lethal chemical weapons by the LTTE

Colombo, 21 November, (; How did the LTTE, the Sri Lanka’s Tamil terrorist organisation, have a stockpile of chemical weapons? Which was the country that has provided the LTTE with these deadly weapons banned all over the world? These are disturbing questions asked in Colombo diplomatic and military circles in the backdrop of a political change in the leadership of Sri Lanka and the policies of the new leaders are still unclear and ambiguous.

“Asian Tribune” reliably learns that a foreign power has provided the LTTE with modern weapons and this includes a stockpile of nerve gas similar to the one used by the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein against Kurdish rebels.

As exclusively reported in our in the Asian Tribune a few days ago, a 400 men strong special strike force sent by the LTTE leader Velupillai Prabakaran to search and destroy cadres of the breakaway rebel group led by Colonel Karuna in Eastern Sri Lanka was equipped with modern weapons.

Eastern sources which revealed this information to “Asian Tribune” and has now confirmed that this special task force is in possession of chemical weapons with instructions from the LTTE leader to use these weapons only against Karuna cadres. This specific instruction was given to the cadres, because the foreign power which provided these chemical weapons to the LTTE has reportedly obtained from the Sri Lankan rebels an assurance that they should not use these weapons against the Sri Lankan Armed Forces.

News that the LTTE is possession of the chemical weapons has nevertheless alarmed the Sri Lankan Security Forces as LTTE is known to easily renege on promises.

Further, LTTE has no compunction in using any weapons or methods against perceived enemies as demonstrated by its use of suicide bombers in the past attacks. It may be recalled that the LTTE used crude chemical weapon, the chlorine gas, when it attacked the Sri Lankan security forces in the early 1990s, when they attacked the Sri Lankan Army Camp at Kiran in the Batticaloa district.

The risk of a chemical weapon attack on Sri Lankan Army bases in North East Sri Lanka in the event of an outbreak of another Eelam War is being urgently analysed by the Sri Lankan military establishment. Fears are heightened in the light of information that the LTTE has developed an air wing and is possessed of at least five small aircraft capable of launching suicide missions. “Asian Tribune” learns that the Indian authorities have been alerted of this latest acquisition by LTTE.

Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and their Destruction which came into force in 1993 has banned the production, use and stockpiling of chemical weapons. Given this worldwide ban, which country has provided the LTTE with the deadly nerve gas is a question that is seriously being investigated by the Sri Lankan military establishment and the Indian military authorities?

There are suspicions that a West European country closely aligned with the LTTE and which espouses LTTE’s causes may be the offender. This West European country, it is said, might have provided these chemical and other modern weapons to the LTTE via another East European country under a bi-lateral agreement with that country with special secret instructions for onward shipment to the Vanni based Sri Lankan terrorist organisation.

- Asian Tribune -


SLA attacks on Jaffna protesters justified, says Fonseka

A "third force" in Jaffna is using peaceful demonstrations to instigate violence and therefore Sri Lanka Army (SLA) had to take defensive action, said Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka, the Sri Lanka Army commander, justifying the recent attacks by the SLA soldiers on unarmed protesters in Jaffna, during a meeting between SL President Mahinda Rajapakse and TNA parliamentarians Wednesday at Temple trees, TNA sources said. The Vice Chancellor of Jaffna Campus, the Dean of the Arts Faculty and a TNA Member of Parliament were attacked, several students were injured and a lecturer received gunshot wounds when the SLA soldiers violently brokeup a peaceful demonstration near Jaffna campus Monday.

Sarath Fonseka described the actions by the Sri Lanka Army as part of an ongoing "military operation" against what he described as a third force, the sources added.

Rejecting the Sri Lankan commander's characterization of unarmed peaceful protest against military oppression as "instigating violence," and asserting that right to peaceful assembly is a fundamental right of everyone, the Tamil parliamentarians reiterated that Sri Lanka Government must take efforts to stop the violence by the soldiers before the situation gets out of control.

Although the meeting with the Sri Lankan President ended without any conclusive outcome, the parliamentarians said that they had cautioned the Sri Lankan President of the urgency of adopting a constructive approach instead of the current 'destructive' approach.

If the Government of Sri Lanka is concerned and serious about peace talks, it should acknowledge that the cause for the civilian agitation in Jaffna is the conduct of the Sri Lankan forces, the delegation told the President. The delegation pointed out the Punguduthivu incident where a twenty-year old Tamil woman, Ilayathamby Tharshini, was brutally raped and dumped into an abandoned well near a Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) camp in Punguduthivu. The act provoked protests in Jaffna.

"It is a political right to mobilise against such oppressive acts. Characterizing political mobilisation as instigating violence, would only serve to escalate the tension further," the TNA delegation told the Sri Lankan President.

The brother of SL President Rajapakse and the Secretary of Defence Mr. Gotabaya Rajapakse, Chief of Defence Staff Vice Admiral Daya Sandagiri were also present at the meeting.

Sri Lankan Army commander rejected the concerns of the parliamentarians and said that the people of Jaffna were firmly behind the Sri Lanka Army and warned that his army would not tolerate protests, TNA sources said.

The TNA delegation further urged Rajapakse, his brother and the Secretary of Defence Mr. Gotabaya Rajapakse and Chief of Defence Staff Vice Admiral Daya Sandagiri to dismantle the army checkpoints located close to Jaffna University.


SLA Corporal killed, six soldiers injured in Kilaly ambush

A Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Corporal was killed and six soldiers including two SLA majors were injured when unknown gunmen ambushed a SLA military vehicle along Kachchai-Kilali road in Thenmaradchy at 6.30 p.m. Wednesday, sources in Jaffna said. Gunmen used light machine guns and grenades in the attack, according to sources. Three SLA soldiers were injured in two other grenade attacks in Ariyalai and Kalviyankadu.

Majors and soldiers injured in Kachchai attack were immediately brought to the nearby Thambuthottam SLA camp and from there they were airlifted by SLAF helicopter to the Palaly military hospital, sources said.

In another incident in Jaffna, one SLA trooper was injured when unknown assailants hurled a grenade at the Ariyalai Mambalam junction at 5.30 a.m. Wednesday.

In a second grenade attack Wednesday 5.45 p.m. aimed at the SLA troops manning the model market in Kalviyankadu located on the Jaffna Point Pedro road two SLA soldiers were injured, according to traders in Kalviyankadu.

Following the attacks, sources said that SLA patrols in outer town areas have been stopped.

Reports from Chavakachcheri confirmed that two SLA soldiers were injured in a grenade attack Tuesday.

SLA spokesperson said that in a search operation they have recovered two RPG launchers in Palali road area. Exact location was not disclosed by the SLA spokesperson.


India moves to restrain LTTE with no impact on its violence despite Co-chairs warning by H. L. D. Mahindapala

India has stepped up its involvement in Sri Lankan politics making strategic political moves to block LTTE attempts to gain the upper hand through violence. It has intervened in two key areas: 1) internationally, at the meeting of the Co-chairs in Brussels and 2) domestically, patching up the differences between President Mahinda Rajapakse and the Ceylon Workers' Congress leader, Arumugan Thondaman.

It is significant that the four Co-chairs -- US, EU, Japan and Norway -- met the Indian representative separately before issuing the tough warning to the LTTE. The warning comes at a time when the LTTE is escalating its violence against the Sri Lankan Security forces in Jaffna. Any deterioration of the situation in Jaffna is bound to give India a headache it doesn't need now. In a move to pre-empt further escalation of LTTE violence India, according diplomatic sources, has moved to put maximum pressure on the four Co-chairs to act sternly against the LTTE.

The international community too is concerned about the LTTE-sponsored agitation in Jaffna aimed at grabbing Jaffna without an open declaration of war. The current escalation of violence by the LTTE is designed to provoke the Security Forces to retaliate, leading to a full-scale war. The warning from the four Co-chairs to either end the violence immediately or face serious consequences is seen partly as a result of the pressures mounted by the Indians to prevent another war. If there is another war India will be under severe pressure to act one way or another. Indian policy at the moment is to engage in remote control manoeuvres to prevent the LTTE from provoking another war -- an event that can not only destabilize regional security but also lead to serious domestic repercussions.

Incidentally, the outlawed Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) told a press conference (December 15, 2005) that the the Maoists "learnt newer warfare tactics from the LTTE in 1986-87". He said that LTTE gave them training in producing and using landmines. An Indian news source reported yesterday: "Members of Raja Saba today expressed its concern about the claims of Maoist leaders that they had received training from the LTTE and made a strong plea to identify the sources of weapons and ammunitions to the extremist forces in various parts of India and Nepal." This explains why India is keen on containing LTTE: it still poses a serious threat to Indian regional and domestic security.

In Sri Lanka Indian diplomats have taken a more open and active role in bringing the estranged CWC leader, Arumugan Thondaman, back into the fold of the government. Peeved by President Mahinda Rajapakse's move to cut him down to size after he backed Ranil Wickremesinghe in the last presidential election Thondaman openly wooed the LTTE, threatening to form an alliance with the Tigers. President Rajapakse withdrew the security given to him and attempted to split the CWC.

Alarm bells rang in Delhi when it became clear that an alliance of the Indian estate workers and the Tamil Tigers would be too explosive to handle Political observers agree that both President Rajapakse and Thondaman made self-defeating moves without weighing the pros and cons of their hasty actions. Rajapakse's move drove Thondaman to the LTTE. But the greater threat would have been to Thondaman who, in the end, would have been swallowed up by the LTTE if he joined hands with Prabhakaran. As the "sole representative of the Tamils" he would not have tolerated another Tamil rival to his hegemony. Political observers noted that Thondaman's move to join hands with the LTTE was like cutting the nose to spite the face.

In any political arrangement with the LTTE Arumugan Thondaman would be assigned the role of playing a second fiddle to Prabhakaran. His shrewd grandfather, S. Thondaman, the founder of the CWC, always kept a healthy distance from the Jaffna-centric politics fearing that the Indian estate workers would lose their identity and their independence if they worked under the hegemony of Jaffna Tamils who had traditionally looked down on the Indian Tamils as "coolies". Besides, the Indian Tamils and the Jaffna Tamils do not have common political goals or interests other than sharing a common language. It has also been the long-term objective of the Jaffna leadership to bring them under their wing to boost their numerical strength. But the regional, historical, political and economic differences always kept the two groups apart.

So far it appears that Indian diplomacy has succeeded in persuading President Mahinda Rajapakse to take Arumugan Thondaman to India and the Co-chairs to issue a serious warning to the LTTE. The four Co-chairs combined with the Indians will be too formidable a force for the LTTE to combat. However, it should be noted that neither the threat of the Co-chairs nor the Indian moves have stopped the LTTE from continuing its provocative acts of attacking and killing Security Forces.

The best that can be expected, according to political observers, is the hope of LTTE returning to the negotiating table under international pressure. As stated by Velupillai Prabhakaran, this has been their normal tactic. They will return not to negotiate peace but to bargain for more concessions and to buy some more time to escalate the next round of violence.

At the moment the stumbling block is the venue. Obstructing peace talks with ever increasing demands has also been their regular tactic. The LTTE banks on the knowledge that the international community will not go beyond issuing warnings or imposing travel bans, or even banning them. The LTTE has survived all these moves knowing that the four Co-chairs will not crack down heavily to cripple them. In fact, Norway, one of the four Co-chairs, is the base for collecting funds and persecuting non-LTTE Tamils or threatening them with death.

The LTTE agents have also been given free licence to use the Royal Norwegian emblem to be used on LTTE website in Norway despite protests to the Norwegian government. For instance, Nitharsanam, a website sponsored by the Norwegian government, foreshadowed the assassination of Lakshman Kadirgamar. Lakshman Kadirgamar was a leading critic of Norway's role in the peace process. Norway-sponsored Nitharsanam questions Norway's credibility as a peace-maker, peace-monitor and a member of Co-chairs.

According to political observers the text of the communiqué issued at the latest Brussels meeting of the Co-chairs indicate that the Norwegian influence to protect LTTE interests has been scaled down. Diplomatic sources believe that the Indian presence had to some extent influenced the tone and the emphases in Co-chairs warning. Despite this political observers do not expect any positive outcome other than a routine meeting either in Oslo or Tokyo to impress the international community that the LTTE is keen on peace.

- Asian Tribune -


"STF, SL Ministers complicit in paramilitary operations, Karuna in India"

The two paramilitary cadres who surrendered to the Tigers in Amparai disclosed that Karuna operates from India and that Pillayan was leading the Karuna group operating in the east. They also revealed that Sri Lankan Government Ministers A L M Athaullah, Douglas Devananda and Maithripala Sirisena are complicit in helping paramilitaries operating in the east, during a press conference held at Thenakam guest house in LTTE controlled Karadiyanaru Monday. The cadres also said that the paramilitaries were involved in violence against Muslims to create dissension between Tamil and Muslim communities.

The cadres said that the group was led by Pillayan. Iniyabarathy was functioning as the head of their team in Amparai. They were told by Pillayan, Mangalan master, Iniyabarathy and other operatives that Karuna was operating from India.

"The group of fourty men is headed by Pillayan, and Karuna is in constant communication with Pillayan and other key persons. Karuna talked to me recently before we reneged from the group," Gnanatheepan, who claimed he was second in command next to Iniyabarathy, told the media.

The cadres said Sri Lankan Army Intelligence commanders, Capt. Sureshkumara and Capt. Abeyaratne were the ones who dealt with Pillayan and Iniyabarathy directly.

"Transport arrangements, arms and ammunition supplies are arranged by the Sri Lanka Army Intelligence," Gnanatheepan said. However, the funding was being provided by an external source through a key operative Uruthira, he said.

They were receiving 30 000 rupees as salary, the cadres said adding that the lower ranks were paid at least 10 000 per month.

Karuna Group cadres were mainly based in two places, Thivuchenai and Thirukonamadu, according to Puhalventhan and Gnanatheepan.

Gnanatheepan further said 22 paramilitary cadres, including Puhalventhan and himself, were recently moved to a safehouse in Manthoddam, an SLA controlled area in Amparai, for instigating violence between Tamil and Muslim communities.

Sinhala villagers had protested to their presence in the village. A buddhist monk and a Sri Lankan Military official convinced the villagers and arranged another safe house in the area, he added.

Athaulla's close associate, Fowzer, was in regular communication with Iniyabarathy, the cadres claimed. Fowzer was also helping the group to secure a safe house at Pachchilaipalli in Akkaraipattu and to establish direct links between Athaulla and Iniyabarathy, cadres further said.

"Creating dissension between the Muslims and the Tigers was key to succesful survival of the Karuna Group," Iniyabarathy had repeatedly told his cadres, Gnanatheepan said.

Iniyabarathy communicated with Douglas Devananda every morning, he said adding that Devananda had gifted a computer to Iniyabarathy.

The surrendered cadres also said that journalist Nadesan was shot and killed by Iniyabarathy.

A direct meeting took place between Sri Lanka Minister Maitripala Sirisena and Mangalan master at Thivuchenai in Welikanda, prior to the recent presidential elections, Gnanatheepan said.

Sirisena, according to Gnanatheepan, sought help from the paramilitary to campaign for Mahinda Rajapakse in Polannaruwa and the SLA controlled areas in Batticaloa.

Both the cadres were close friends and following a period when they were disturbed by their own conduct, they resolved to deal with their situation and waited for a suitable opportunity to escape from the SLA controlled area, they said.

"We wanted to leave, and resolved to do it in a meaningful way," Puhalventhan added.

"The opportunity arose when we were taken on a mission in the no man zone area," he added confirming that they shot and killed Iniyabarathy and three other operatives last Monday.

The cadres who carefully avoided mentioning specific operations they were directly involved, told the media that they were brought to Palpody Military base in Batticaloa in Buffel RPC vehicles 3 days prior to an ambush on Tigers in Vauvunathivu on October 11 and were taken close to the border area by the Sri Lanka military.

The cadres said their real names are Thurasingham Chandrakumar, 21, alias Puhalventhan (from Kaluwankerni), and Samithamby Arunkumar, 26, alias Gnanatheepan (from Vantharumoolai).

Chandrakumar's two sisters were shot and killed in revenge last Wednesday by paramilitary cadres.

The Tigers on Saturday conferred "Tamil National Patriot" titles to the two sisters, Mrs. Yogarasa Yogeswary, 26, and Thurairasa Vathany, 17, who were buried Saturday.

Athaulla is Minister of Fisheries and Housing Development, Douglas Devananda is Minister of Social Services and Social Welfare and the leader of the paramilitary and political party EPDP, and Maithripala Sirisena is Minister of Agriculture, Environment, Irrigation and Mahaweli Development in the cabinet of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse.

LTTE's Political Head in Batticaloa Mr. Ilanthirayan (Marshall) and Amparai District Political Head Mr Daya Mohan were present at the press conference that began at 11:00 a.m and concluded at 12:30 p.m.


Tamil Community shocked by another abduction revelation by Neville de Silva

London 19 December ( The son of a former leader of EROS, now living in London, is claiming that he had been abducted and tortured by members of the LTTE right here in London.

The 25-year old Nesan Thirunesan who is the son of the late Shankar Rajee, a key member of the Eelam Revolutionary Students Association, says that he was subjected to inhuman treatment after being abducted by LTTE cadres two of whom he says he recognized.

The incident is said to have happened about two weeks ago when Thirunesan claims he was held for ransom.

While the abduction and detention of Rajasingham Jayadevan and his friend A.Vivekananthan during a visit to Kilinochchi last year made widespread media news, this claim is causing some waves in the Tamil street, coming shortly after the roadside killing of Douglas Yogarasa in Kingsbury a week ago.

Thurnesan has written to some anti-LTTE Tamil leaders in Sri Lanka drawing their attention to his plight and asking that the international community be alerted to these happenings in London.

Meanwhile there is also talk that Anton Balasingham, the one time chief negotiator of the LTTE, has been admitted to hospital.

Attempts to confirm these stories failed.

Thirunesan's letter addressed to members of the TULF appears below.

Message : I was abducted, tortured by LTTE thugs for ransom - EROS Sankar Raji's son (The Letter to The TULF Website)

Dear TULFers,

I would be sincerely grateful if you would convey this message to Mr Anandasangaree, leader of the TULF party and members of his political alliance on my behalf.

My name is Nesan Thirunesan. I am 25 years of age and the son of the late Shankar Rajee, a.k.a Nesadurai Thirunesan, Leader Co-Founder of EROS (Eelam Revolutionary Organisation). I was educated in India and visited Sri Lanka frequently.

The reason I am writing to you is that I was recently abducted by Tamil thugs claiming to be representing the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Southall, Middlesex a few weeks ago. I recognized two of the individuals who happened to be employed in a called 'Tamilini Cash & Carry' on the Broadway in Southall, Middlesex, where I shop from time to time to purchase my groceries.

It was around 10.00pm in the evening and I had just come out of McDonald’s in Southall after meeting a friend. I proceeded to meet an uncle of mine who had parked his vehicle on a road on the opposite side of McDonalds, called Woodlands Road and had been waiting there for me after dropping me at the restaurant 15 minutes earlier.

When I saw my uncle’s vehicle which is a BMW 325ci, Blue convertible, someone else was at the driver seat, and my uncle was nowhere to be seen. All of a sudden from behind me a guy tapped my shoulder and asked me whether I was called ‘Nesan’ and whether my father was Shankar Rajee? I hesitantly replied, ‘No’ and proceeded to walk towards another shop speaking to my friend on my mobile to fend off these men that were following me. I had a feeling that I was in trouble, and so was my uncle.

I walked into a shop and asked the shopkeeper who happened to be Sri Lankan Tamil to call the police explaining to him that I was being followed by these thugs. The next thing I know the men that were following me came into the shop and started asking the shopkeeper as to what I had been speaking to him about and looking at me in a menacing manner simultaneously. The shopkeeper probably knew who they were and told them in Tamil that I had asked him to call the Police. At that moment they went for me. I couldn’t defend myself because 2 of the thugs grabbed my arms and one guy grabbed my mobile phone off my hand. A chubby guy in their group kicked me between my legs to disable me and they dragged me out of the shop and took me inside their shop called Tamilini. I was warned along the way that if I screamed they would kill me. One of the guys was sticking a knife behind my back along the way.

I was taken to their basement and marched into a room where their store their frozen foods and sitting on a chair with his socks removed along with his shoes was my uncle, who happens to be my fathers first cousin. I was in shock because he had been badly beaten up. These thugs had taken his wallet and seen an article about my father published in a Sri Lankan newspaper after my father’s funeral whereby Minister Douglas Devananda M.P of EPDP (Eelam Peoples Democratic Party) was mentioned. My uncle had been carrying this article in his wallet since my father’s demise in January this year. I immediately knew that both of us were in trouble because they had seen an article about my father.

They out on latex gloves and started emptying my pockets. They went through my wallet, and studied every business card that I had and asked me question after question. The thugs also went through each telephone number on my mobile reciting the named contact and inquisitively asking me questions about the contacts on my mobile phone.

They asked me questions about my father, my family, if I had any political connections in Sri Lanka etc etc… They further said that my father was a disgrace to the Tamil movement and that the Tamil Tiger movement hated him.

They beat me up in front of my uncle who was helpless as he was being constantly hit. They made it a point to show no external injuries, fearing that we may get the police involved, I suppose. They knew almost everything about my father and my family to my shock. They asked me a lot of questions, and demanded that I speak to the truth. I was asked to pay Sterling Pounds 7,000 towards the LTTE fund.

They wanted this money to be given in Sri Lankan currency by anyone that we knew in Colombo. They refused to accept the money in UK sterling, and refused to let us contact anyone in the UK who would give us the funds to pass onto them.

I was told that if I did not arrange the money, they would kill me and that my body would be dumped somewhere along with my uncle. They gave us an international phone card and asked us to make phone calls to our relations and contacts in Sri Lanka to arrange the money they were demanding. Our conversations, over the phone was limited to only requesting the funds and saying nothing else about being abducted, beaten up or anything. Both me, and my uncle frantically tried our best to arrange this money, however to our dismay no one had that kind of money readily available.

When the LTTE thugs knew that they were not getting anywhere we were beaten again, and threatened with death. After several hours of beatings, threats, and intimidation, I negotiated with that the funds could only be arranged in this country, and that I needed 10 days to do this. They flatly refused my request and continued to beat both me and my uncle.

It was the early hours of the morning, and one of the thugs agreed to my request of giving the money in cash within 10 days. I was warned that if I spoke about this to anyone, I would be killed, and they would harm my family here in the UK. This is the reason why me and my uncle did not go to the authorities.

Being Shankar Rajee’s son, I do not fear death, especially from the LTTE. I am aware of what my father stood for. He was a man of principles and never feared the LTTE. If they had a problem with him, they would have finished him off a long time ago, just like Padhmanaban of EPRLF and group who were assassinated in Kodambakkam, Chennai in 1990.

Whatever the reasons, I feel that I have been subjected to inhumane torture for no reason. I feel that I need to make a stand and fight for my democratic right to fear no one that is going to use threats to extort money for their own political benefit, especially the LTTE and their cronies who use their name unnecessarily.

I hope that Mr Anandasangaree will speak to members of the TNA (Tamil National Alliance), my father’s ex-comrades and state that I Shankar Rajee's son was subjected to this kind of intimidation and torture in London for no reason whatsoever. In a way God has shown me a way, by putting me through this. I realise now what my fellow Sri lankan Tamil community are going through on a daily basis fearing the LTTE.

I would like to finish what my father worked so hard for and devoted his entire adult life towards creating a federal democratic assembly that represents the Tamil speaking people of Sri Lanka irrespective of religion, caste or regional descent.

I would also like to join the TULF party as a member and voice my concerns over the LTTE and the problems that the Tamil community are facing from them extorting money from innocent members of the Tamil community here in London I would like to be actively involved in promoting peace, democracy and harmony within our community in Sri Lanka and abroad.

My opinions regarding the LTTE

The Oslo agreement signed by the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government had been initially accepted by the LTTE, but is trying to wriggle out from. A solution within the framework of federalism in any form, and genuine will on the part of the government to implement such a formula will have to be the way forward.

The LTTE’rs are incapable of participating in any peace process or abiding to the rules of an official cease fire agreement. I feel that the LTTE leadership is buying time to procure further arsenal, and recruit more soldiers and ultimately wage another freedom war against the Sri Lankan armed forces.

It is clear that the Indian establishment will never allow an Independent Tamil Eelam state to materialise.

The one big problem we face today is the LTTE trying to claim the status of being the sole representative of the Tamil community of Sri Lanka through political assassinations and elimination of other groups and parties, which is conducted on a regular basis despite signing a cease fire agreement. The LTTE are incapable of following rules...

Karuna's set of grievances of discrimination is a serious political problem and nothing new to Tamil nationalism. Even during the days of Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi (Federal Party), these feelings of regional inequality existed. I regard it as a genuine concern of the people of the east. This would have to be addressed, discussed and democratic solutions found. It is not to be regarded as - as the LTTE says - `a one-man problem' or as one that can be solved by eliminating a few of Karuna's lieutenants etc or by killing his supporters in the eastern province. I doubt if the LTTE, in its present form, has the means to address this problem in a democratic manner.

Prabhakaran’s personality would never allow him to compromise with Colombo, Norway or no Norway. This is a fact that the Tamil community, Sri Lankan government and international mediators need to accept and work out ways of preventing the LTTE from intimidating other Tamil democratic parties from being actively involved in representing the Tamil community of Sri Lanka.

The International community must get involved now and send out military peace monitors and a UN Peace Keeping Force to disarm the LTTE. The, LTTE must be forced to disarm themselves, and their movement needs to be dissolved once and for all. Senior leaders and commanders within the LTTE should be banned from entering into politics.

My father once quoted "The LTTE network is still effective but influence on and support from Tamil communities is less than it was"

I hope that my wishes will be fulfilled by Mr Anandasangaree, and look forward to hearing from you in due course.

With kind regards,

Nesan Thirunesan

Son of the Late Shankar Rajee, A.K.A Nesadurai Thirunesan, of EROS (Eelam Revolutionary Organisation) and Ex- Consulatant of Sri lankan Cashew Corporation under the ministry of Rt. Hon Minister Douglas Devananda of EPDP (Eelam Peoples Democratic Party)

- Asian Tribune -


Iniyabarathy -- the man reported dead by the LTTE -- is alive

Interview with Inyabarathy of the Karuna's Group

Colombo, 14 December, ( Iniyabarathy, the dare - devil commander of the Karuna’s group, who was reported dead in the LTTE websites and Tamil newspapers published in Colombo and Jaffna, spoke to the Asian Tribune yesterday. Twenty-four-year-old Iniyabarathy said jokingly: " Aiyah ( Sir ) contrary to reports I am still alive and healthy . Not dead yet and will never be afraid of death too. "

Recently Two cadres of Karuna’s group , Thuraisingham Chandrakumar alias Puhalventhan ( 21 ) and Sinnathamby Arunkumar alias Gnanatheepan ( 26 ), were captuted on 05 December and were paraded on 12 December, before pro-LTTE media personnel at the Thenakam guest house in the LTTE controlled Karadiyanaru, in the Batticalao district.

These two captured cadres told the media that the LTTE shot and killed Iniyabarathy and three other operatives last Monday.” (05 December) In his interview with the “Asian Tribune” Iniyabarathy dismissed the statements published in the LTTE media as propaganda. He said : "This is a propaganda exercise by the LTTE. We know about their games because we too were in the same outfit until March 2004. This not something new to us or to them."

He added: It is the common practice to put pressure on captured prisoners with threats and coach them to say whatever you want to say. They cannot speak their mind or tell the truth because of threats to their lives. They tend to behave like parrots in a cage" .

Iniyabarathy said, "Let me explain the whole incident for the benefit of your readers.

" We came to know that Vanni Tiger group has established a new army base in Kanchikudichchan Aru, near the Pannai Mali close to a small pond located in the area.

" We came to know that they were training underage children all under 15 years of age and nearly 40 of them were held forcibly and given training there.

" Then I decided to attack the base and save those abducted underage children from the grip of the Vanni group.

" On 04th December, I dispatched a 7 -- member group to locate the place which was situated in the midst of the thick jungles of Amaparai and collect all the information available.

" To go to the spot from Manthoddam, our people has to cross the Nediyakanaththai Aru and the crossing from one end to other is about 100 meters and it was a very deep at this point.

" Our group after reaching the other end located the training camp and came back crossing the river. In the river banks they had their meals and left evidence of their presence on the spot by littering paper wrappings and banana leaves unintentionally.

" On the 5th December I led a tem of about 40 cadres to attack the camp and rescue the underage children who were forcibly given military training in the middle of the mosquito infested thick jungles of Amparai.

" In the meantime the scouting team of the Vanni group which crossed the river and came over to the Manthoddam side found out the traces of the very recent movements of our cadres in that area.

" Now I understand they too must have decided to lay ambush and wait for us in the Manthoddam and on the opposite side. There must be more than 50 Vanni cadres in the ambush waiting for us.

" I led 40 of our cadres to the Vanni camp and when half of our cadres had crossed the river and was on the other side, they started spraying bullets on us.

"The exchange of small arms fire lasted for more than two hours and two of our cadres Suman and Thevan were killed and I received a gunshot injury near my hip. The bullet did not pierce through by the flesh but it just grazed me leaving a minor injury on the hip . It was nothing to worry - just a minor injury.

"On the LTTE side 5 of their cadres were killed.

" Meantime , those cadres who crossed the other side of the river, managed to cross back and joined us when we made a tactical withdrawal but, at that point of time I clearly heard Puhalventhan and Gnanatheepan failed to cross the river and were calling at the top of their voice for the direction and after sometime their shouts died down.

"Their shouting helped the Vanni group to locate and arrest them alive. Puhalventhan joined the LTTE in 1997 and Gnanatheepan in 1995.

" In 2005 April these two cadres along with thousands of others were returned to their families by Karuna Amman when he withdrew from attacking the Vanni Tigers attack of 10 April 2004.

"But later these two along with dozens of others joined us as they were continuously harassed by the Vanni group.

"After joining us, the two cadres were involved in more than half a dozens of successful campaign against the Vanni group and each of them would have taken their revenge on the Vanni group by killing more than ten of their cadres. "

Iniyabarathy said : "I feel sorry that we couldn't rescue such good cadres . I feel sad that they were caught by the Vanni group and harassed and tortured to speak against me and Karuna. "

Denying LTTE reports, Iniyabarathy said that he has never met in his life Maithripala Srisena, Aththaula and Douglas Devananda. He said: "Though I like to meet them out of curiosity, what benefit will I get by meeting them?" he asked

He said that he was arrested by the police on a tip off given by the LTTE in May and was remanded. According to the law of the land, at the end of 3 months and 10 days, as pointed out by his lawyer to the High court judge of Amparai, he was released on bail, when his case came up for hearing . He said he was released as there was no provision in the law to keep him under remand after the expiration of three months and 10 days and no body helped to get him released from the custody.

Iniyabarathy pointed out the news report in the media, including the ‘Asian Tribune,’ regarding the killings of Mrs. Yogarasa Yogeswary, 26, and Thurairasa Vathany, 17 were not accurate.

He said that Ganeshpullai Yogarasa alias Santhiran, the husband of the slain Yogarasa Yogeswary, was reported to be a womanizer and had two or three women as his keeps. On 08 December Mrs. Yogarasa Yogeswary was in her sister Vathany’s house. Santhiran went there and assaulted both the girls and shot and killed them before surrendering to the Vanni group.

That time Puhalventhan, the brother of the slain ladies was in the custody of Vanni Tigers . When Santhiran surrendered to the Vanni Tigers to avoid being arrested by the Sri lanka police, they hit upon the idea of exploiting these deaths to cover up and promote the LTTE as good boys. Their publicity gimmick was to make the two slain ladies Nattupattalar (patriots) and conduct a public funeral to honor them.

The people of the area who knew the truth refused to participate in the funeral ceremony conducted by the Vanni Tigers.

”Finally," he said, "I wish to categorically deny any role in the bombing of the Akkaraipattu mosque and also I will not comment on the whereabouts of Karuna Amman. This is another ploy by the Vanni group to accuse Karuna of hiding in India. We will not divulge any details about his whereabouts but I wish to confirm that we are being led by him and we will work under his guidance and direction only. "

- Asian Tribune -