Thursday, October 18, 2007

Special Forces Hunt Charles Anthony Regiment

Members of the Sri Lanka Army's Special Forces Brigade launched an attack on an LTTE bunker-line manned by members of the LTTE's elite Charles Anthony Regiment in the general area Periyathampanai killing seven fighters from that unit last morning. The Special Forces recovered all seven bodies and seven T-56 assault rifles. They also captured a GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun). The LTTE, in recent months have brought in its elite units to defend the areas being targeted by the Army in Mannar and Vavuniya. The four fighters killed by the Special Forces in a recent ambush in Vilattikulam on the 15th were also identified as members of the elite Charles Anthony Regiment.

Meanwhile latest reports indicated that the civilians killed and injured in the crossfire between the Sea Tigers and the Sri Lanka Navy off Pesalai yesterday morning were part of a recent exodus of civilians from the LTTE areas destined for India but also government controlled areas. The Human Smuggling Operations and the Sea Tigers' Veduthalthivu camp, which is mixed in with a fishing village to avoid air-raids, has created enormous complications for Tamil fishermen in recent months.

Confidential reports received by DefenceWire also indicated that the LTTE 'Research and Development Wing' headquarters in Vishwamadu targeted by the Sri Lanka Air Force has been reduced to rubble. Eight structures that stood at the location have been completely destroyed except for parts of the stone foundations. A self-styled LTTE 'Lt. Col' who was identified as the LTTE's Chief 'Scientists' was also killed in the attack.