Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Stop Madhu attacks - Mannar Bishop

The Bishop of Mannar Rayappu Joseph has expressed his concerns over the killings taking place in the Madhu area.

Bishop Rayappu Joseph has written to Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksha that claymore mine attacks have been made from the jungle areas killing civilians.

The Bishop said that six civilians have been killed by claymore mines attacks within the last few weeks

“I have requested the Defence Secretary to take care that no military attacks happen in the reservation area said Bishop Rayappu Joseph.

Deep penetration

The Bishop explained that Madhu is considered a sacred area and many pilgrims visit the place thruought the year.

When questioned why the bishop wrote to the Defence Secretary when it is well known that the LTTE is responsible for claymore mine attacks he said that it is the deep penetration units of the army that were responsible for these attacks.

“The local army commanders have informed me that these attacks are not conducted by them and it's the rapid deployment forces roaming in the jungles which are under direct instruction from the Defence Ministry that are conducting these attacks”


Tiger leaders attacked in Batticaloa

Two claymore bombs have been exploded in an un-cleared area in Batticaloa by members of Karuna faction of the tiger organization targeting members of wanni tiger organization.

Several senior leaders of wanni tiger organization were killed in the blasts say unconfirmed reports.

One attack had been in Karadiyanaru area in Batticaloa. The attack had been carried out on a double cab traveling with an escort of two motor bikes.

The other attack had been launched on a luxury type jeep at an un-cleared area in Wadumunai.

Details about those who were killed in the two attacks have not been revealed yet.


Captured Karuna cadres meet SLMM, ICRC

Two cadres of Karuna paramilitary group who were captured by the fighters of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on May 26th briefed the representatives of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) and International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) and the media Tuesday morning at the Trincomalee district political secretariat in Sampoor located in Muttur east. Mr.S.Elilan, LTTE district political secretariat was also present at the briefing, LTTE sources said.

Five cadres of the Karuna group from the Pattiaddy SLA camp had entered into the no-man zone located between the LTTE and government held territories in Muttur division to attack the LTTE camp on May 26th morning. Three of the Karuna group were killed on the spot in the attack launched by the LTTE.

Two of them Mr.P.Wijendran (25) of Mathurankuli and S.Gunarajan (22) of Panichchankerni were captured by the LTTE fighters, LTTE sources said.

Both Karuna cadres Mr.Wijendran and Mr.Gunarajan at the briefing said that about ten including them were brought to Trincomalee in a Dolphin van from Thivuchenai in Welikanda recently and were kept at a Sri Lanka Army (SLA) camp in the Trincomalee town close to sea shore.

Five of the cadres including them were later taken in a vehicle to Pattiaddy SLA camp in Thoppur in Muttur division. They were later asked by the SLA personnel to enter into the no-man zone and to attack the LTTE camp. Both of them were captured by the LTTE and three others in their group including the group leader Karuththa Ravi were killed in the attack by the LTTE, Wijendran told the SLMM.

Both cadres said at the briefing that there were four Karuna group camps in Thivuchenai.