Tuesday, December 06, 2005

LTTE targets Sri Lankan Army and Karuna by P.K. Balachandran

Seriously violating the Ceasefire Agreement, the LTTE has attacked the Sri Lankan Army in the northern district of Jaffna, killing 13 soldiers over the last 48 hours.

It has also attacked the dissident Karuna group in the Eastern district of Amparai, killing a top commander, Iniyabharathy.

The attacks have taken place in the context of a volatile political situation in which the Sri Lankan government and the LTTE have taken diametrically opposite positions on how to solve the ethnic conflict in the country.

While President Mahinda Rajapaksa wants a solution within a "unitary" state, the LTTE and the Tamils want a "federal" state at the very minimum in lieu of full independence for their "Homeland" in the North-East.

After killing six Sri Lankan soldiers in Kondavil near Jaffna with a claymore mine on Sunday, the LTTE killed another seven in the same manner, in Irupalai near Jaffna, on Tuesday. Among the killed was an officer. One soldier was critically injured.

In an operation in Kanchikudichcha Aru in the Eastern district of Amparai on Tuesday, the LTTE killed Iniyabharathy, one of the top most commanders of the dissident Karuna group, which had broken away from the LTTE in March 2004, and had allegedly been working in collaboration with the Sri Lankan armed forces since then.

The Tamilnet website reported that three other cadres of the "paramilitary" group led by Iniyabharathi were also killed. They were identified as Suman from Eravur, Thevan from Kaluvankerny, and Suresh from Vavunathivu.

Tamilnet quoted the LTTE's Amparai district political wing leader Daya Mohan as saying that the "para military" group led by Iniyabharathy had been intending to ambush the LTTE and that the LTTE counter attacked.

According to Tamil sources, the attacks on the Sri Lankan army in Jaffna were in retaliation to the killing of two Tamil farmers in Neervely in Jaffna. It is not clear as to who killed the farmers. But the Tamils believe that the army or a pro-government paramilitary group had done it.

Asked if the LTTE was intent on breaking the ceasefire by these actions, a Sri Lankan military spokesman said: "We do not know their intentions yet."

On Monday, the United States condemned the killing of six Sri Lankan soldiers in Kondavil. US State Department's Deputy Spokesman Adam Ereli said in Washington that such violence was "inconsistent with LTTE claims to be committed to the peace process."


Karuna's group pooh-poohed allegation by the LTTE on the Akkarapattu mosque attack

Colombo, 07 December, (Asiantribune.com): Tamil Eela Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal emphasized that Akkaraipattu mosque grenade attack was done by the LTTE assailants, and none of their cadres surrendered to the LTTE. They also confirmed that one of their commanders Inniyabarathy is not dead.

TamilEela Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal, an outfit led by Colonel Karuna pooh-poohed the allegation by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam claiming that two paramilitary cadres of the Karuna group surrendered to them and has disclosed that Karuna group was responsible for the grenade attacks against Muslims worshippers at Akkataipattu on the morning of 18 November, where four Muslim worshippers died.

The spokesman for the TMVP told the “Asian Tribune” that it was a fabricated and distorted Goebbles propaganda and will not be believable by the people in the Eastern province, especially by the Muslims in the region as they know very well that it was the LTTE that was responsible for this mosque attack.

The spokesman further added that the LTTE assailants hurled grenades into mosque at Akkaraipattu, which was crowded with devotees attending the early morning on Friday prayers.

In the grenade attack Ibraheem, Abubaker, died on the spot and M.I.M Mustafa and Noordeen later succumbed to their injuries.

According to the statement of the TMVP, none of their cadres surrendered to the LTTE and it was a stage-managed ploy to distract and dilute the severity of the condemnation of LTTE’s heinous crime against humanity.

The spokesman confirmed that there was an ambush by the LTTE at the Kanchikudichchan Aru in the Amaparai district where two of their cadres Suman and Thevan died.

He added that one of their commanders Inniyabarathi sustained gunshot injuries but he is undergoing treatment and his condition is stable at the time of posting this news report.

- Asian Tribune -


Prabhakaran will give time till next year not one month -- Anton Balasingham

Part III : Concluding part of Anton Balasingham's speech

Anton Balasingham states that media reports of Prabakaran giving one month’s ultimatum are distorted. He states: "Prabakaran has not said that. Prabakaran has not given one month ultimatum. He says a brief period will be given till next year. He has not fixed a date. But has also told that cannot tolerate for a long period of time. "

He also deals with the issue of terrorism He asks: "What is terrorism?"

"You are using the word terrorism against us to stop us. So the leader asks: 'What is terrorism?' Kindly tell us. There is no clear definition anywhere Sir; Every country has its own definition of terrorism.

India is afraid of this term. If a clear definition is given it might undermine India's attempt to keep under its autocratic control the struggle of so many ethnic communities that are agitating and demanding their rights based on righteousness and justice.

Russian too is keeping ethnic communities under its control by using this word.

Is it possible for all those in different countries who are crushing and controlling so many national ethnic groups to go to the UN and agree on a clear definition? Impossible. So far you have proscribed so many outfits in the name of terrorism. But you cannot give a definition to terrorism. You are labeling those freedom movements that fight for justice and righteousness as terrorists.

But no one is bothered about the terrorism unleashed by the governments. State terrorists act freely, making use of these opportunities. There is an organization against terrorism under the leadership of America. And we are supporting them says India, Sri Lanka and Russia . They act jointly to cover up their state - sponsored terrorist acts in their respective countries.

Therefore, time and again, Tigers took up arms and fought and lost more than 18 thousands of it cadres on behalf of the oppressed people – those people who were subject to genocide and ethnic cleansing. Prabakaran has kept his head high and dignity by opposing the world.

Is it reasonable for you to call us terrorists, asks our Leader? We are militants who fought against the state terrorism. Why are you unnecessarily putting this stamp on us?

You keep the unitary rule, we have the Tiger rule, Mahinda Rajapakse. What type of agreement has he had with Jathika Hela Urumiya and JVP? They call this Mahinda’s Chinthanaya. Our Leader says between us and Mahinda and his Chinthanaya and our struggle for self determination the gap is vast and wide.

Now we will have a look at the policies of Mahinda ….

Last Friday he said in Parliament that the solution will be under the unitary set-up… We will not give up the Unitary set up. We are saying OK you better have the Unitary set up … We are also going to have a Unitary set up. You in the Sinhala land by linking with the Buddhist monks have unitary form of rule. In our homeland there will be Tigers Unitary rule. This is no problem for us. The new Leader says this loyally. We have no problem in him keeping the unitary form of government.

Mahinda is a nice man. Let him keep the unitary form of Government. We will also have the Unitary Government.

Furthermore, Mahinda says that there is no Tamils’ homeland. W e have already redeemed Aiyah (Sir) 70% . Look there is our Police force. You say that you want to come and meet Prabakaran. When you come, our Police force would provide you with the security. You have to obtain the entry visa. You cannot come simply across the border. Therefore, is there anything wrong in saying that there is nothing upstairs in the Sinhalese? You say that you will not give the homeland; we have redeemed 70 % of our land? There is only a balance of 30 % and it will not take much time for us to get that.

Similarly Mahinda says that right of self-determination will not be given to the Tamils.

We didn't;t ask that from you Aiyah (Sir). Who asked for it? Those days are gone.

Now we have decided and we are going to determine our own destiny. We will see what you are going to do?

Tamils have decided not to have your set up of administration. Tamils have said that they want to go their separate way.

Therefore it is meaningless to say hereafter that we have unitary form of government – we will not give self determining rights to the Tamils and will not accept the homeland.

Because the path we intend to tread is entirely different.

We ourselves will fight and win over our rights.

Mahinda says that he will revise the ceasefire agreement.

How are you going to revise that Aiyah (Sir) ?

Ceasefire Agreement is something agreed by two parties. Furthermore the international monitoring committee is also included in it. So many foreign countries are involved in it.

Ceasefire Agreement is not something between the Tigers and the Government. This is an international agreement.

Under such circumstances if you say that you are going to revise unilaterally will that be possible? Impossible.

Without asking us and without our permission it is not possible. Otherwise the cessation of hostilities will collapse.

If you are interested in breaking the cessation of hostilities, then do so.

We are ready for that also.

Mahinda Rajapakse wanted to call for an all party conference and come to a decision.

We know the meaning of the all party conference.

All party conference was an instrument adhered by the heads of government in the past to delay the problems of the Tamils.

Are we to believe that you intend to meet with 27 faces and come up with a consensus?

Even when Mahinda had the support of the 27 parties, but he did not represent the minorities – the Tamils.

However he keeps one as a minister and we know who he is.

He was given some Social Service responsibilities.

A friend told Bala Annae (elder brother) , he is not social service minister but an anti-social minister.

That was the right responsibility for his capacity.

Interlude or ultimatum?

I give you a small interlude. You say that you are a practical politician, pragmatists, wanted to talk with the Tigers, and wanted adopt a new approach.

All right, when you extend the hand of friendship, we are not willing to discard you. I give you one opportunity, but could only give the shortest time .

What are you going to do within that time…?

Peace, cessation of hostilities, what type justice you wanted to provide to the Tamil people, we will wait for sometime and we will not enter into a fight.

We give you a short term. Next year if you come back without doing anything and in the name of talks try to adopt dilatory measure, then next year we will intensify our self determination struggle says our Leader.

After the release of our Leader 's statement some news agencies have distorted and published the statement that Prabakaran has given an ultimatum to come up with a solution within this month and he will commence the war at the end of the month.

Our leader said nest year. Next year means may be in the middle of next year may be in the beginning of next year.

But they have distorted the news . Prabakaran has not said that. Prabakaran has not given one month ultimatum. He says a short period or next year. He has not fixed a date. But he has also told that he cannot tolerate a long period of time.

Our Leader has said importantly that whatever the hindrance there may be, whatever calamities may befall , whatever challenges we face we will fight against them .Our Leader had said finally "We will redeem the freedom of our homeland."

This concludes Anton Balasingham 's speech to commemorate the dead cadres at the Heroes day celebration held at Alexandra Place, Woodgreen, London, on 27 November, 2005.

- Asian Tribune -


Two paramilitary cadres surrender, say Karuna group responsible for attacks against Muslims

Two paramilitary cadres, Mr. Gnanatheepan and Mr. Puhalventhan, have surrendered to the Liberation Tigers (LTTE) in Amparai following the counter-attack on Karuna Group cadres where four paramilitary cadres were killed Tuesday, Mr. Daya Mohan, political head of the LTTE in Amparai told TamilNet. The surrendered cadres have confirmed the death of the key operative Iniyabarathy, and have revealed that the paramilitary cadres led by Iniyabarathy were behind the recent attacks against Muslims in Amparai district, including the grenade attack on Akkaraipattu Mosque where four Muslim worshippers were killed, said Daya Mohan.

The surrendered cadres further had said that the paramilitary group was operating from the Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) camp in Pannalagama in Amparai district, Mr. Daya Mohan added.

Gnanatheepan and Puhalaventhan will talk to the media in a press conference soon, said LTTE's Amparai political head.


Key Karuna Group operative, 3 paramilitary cadres killed in East

A key operative of the paramilitary Karuna Group, Iniyabarathy alias Barathy, was killed Monday night when the Liberation Tigers launched a counter attack on a group of paramilitary cadres who were on an ambush mission towards Kanjikudichcha Aaru forward defence post of the Tigers, Mr. Daya Mohan, LTTE's political head in Amparai told TamilNet Tuesday. Iniyabarathy was killed with three other paramilitary cadres in the no-man zone between the Sri Lanka Army held Manthoddam and the LTTE held Kanjikudichcha Aaru, located 5 km east of Siyambalanduwa near the border of the Moneragala and Amparai Districts.

Iniyabarathy was from Kaluwankerny in Eravur, Daya Mohan said.

The three paramilitary cadres killed along with Iniyabarathy were identified by the LTTE as Mr. Suman from Sithandy, Eravur Mr. Thevan from Kaluwankerny, Eravur and Mr. Suresh from Vavunatheevu in Batticaloa.

The counter attack took place at 2:20 a.m Tuesday when a group of more than ten persons were moving towards the LTTE forward defence posts located around one kilometer from the Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) positions, he added.

The paramilitary operative Iniyabarathy was allegedly behind many abductions and killings in the east. He was also known for issuing telephone death threats, sources said.