Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sri Lankan Govt troops take Thampanai from LTTE rebels

Sri Lankan security forces continued to advance in the Vavuniya-Mannar sector Monday, taking full control of Thampanai town on the Madhu as Tiger cadres in the area withdrew amid heavy fire, according to defence sources.

The fall of Thampanai town is considered a major breakthrough in the efforts to flush out the LTTE from these areas and clear the path to Wanni, senior military officers state.

Troops are currently engaged in search and clear operations in Thampanai which is almost a ghost town after the LTTE withdrew from the area, a senior military official added.

Thampanai is three to four kilometres on the Madhu road from the Mannar-Vavuniya main supply route and stretches to nearly four kilometres.

According to senior Army officials troops had faced stiff resistance from the LTTE in all their earlier efforts to capture this town, which has previously been used by the LTTE to launch major assaults on troops.

Troops earlier captured the Uyilanakulam LTTE entry exit point and a major LTTE base south of Periyathampanai on Saturday.

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