Friday, December 07, 2007

Four More War Heroes Laid Their Lives

THE remains of four valiant soldiers died in offensives in PERLYKURLYITTAKULAM in WANNI were brought down to OMANTHE Entry/Exit point late Thursday (6) evening by the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) to be handed over to the military authorities.

Heroic troops now engaged in search and destroy operations in WANNI offering stiff resistance to the presence of terrorists on Thursday (6) swung into action in the above area triggering a massive intense fight between the troops and the enemy.

In the fight that took a heavy toll of the terrorists, six members of the Army went missing in action after brave soldiers rounded up LTTE held areas in un-cleared areas in order to eliminate them and restore peace while salvaging entrapped civilians.

Sergeant W.K.P.D Jayantha, Private B.S.P Cooray, Private L.B Wimalasena, Private S.B Dissanayaka and two more soldiers during the multi-pronged fight went missing in action while countering enemy fire.

The remains of four above named soldiers, most probably as intimated to the ICRC, were brought down and delivered to the OMANTHE check point. All of them were to be given military funerals with honors.

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