Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tiger Leader seeks support from Tamils,as Air Force destroys VOT

LTTE leader Velupullai Pirbhakaran seeks Tamil diaspora's help to revive his struggle while blaming the international community on breakdown of the peace process,as Air Force destroyed Tiger official Radio station barely two hours before his annual heroes day speech.Pirabhakaran made his annual speech in an undisclosed location in Wanni this evening and requested support from Tamils around the world to fight against the Sinhalese government.

"I wish to express my love and gratitude to you for your past participation in the building of our nation,bringing together your abundant intellectual, material, monetary and many other resources in the service of our nation and ask that you stand with us in the coming years of our freedom struggle"he saidJust two hours before his speech two of Air Force No.10 squadron's Kfir jets pounded bombs on Voice of Tigers a clandestine radio station situated near Kilinochchi town,along the A9 high way.

The VOT building was flattened and many were feared dead,according to the latest information.
The attack was one of the series of attacks carried out by Security Forces to disrupt the Heroes day celebrations all over the Killinochchi.Military used two methods of strategy,both in land and air,a senior military official confirming the destroying of VOT told defence wire,a short while ago.


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