Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pulmoddai Seas: Navy's Famous Hunting Grounds: Another Tiger Evacuation Attempt thwarted

The Sri Lanka Navy's elite fighting squadron successfully averted another attempt by the sea tigers to evacuate their cadres trapped in the Peraru/Kumburupiddi Jungles in the Trincomalee district after a fierce battle which started around 10.30 p.m. last night (27) and lasted nearly four hours in the Pulmoddai seas.

Navy destroyed three (03) sea tiger boats killing around eighteen (18) sea tiger cadres including a self styled Lieutenant Colonel named "Nishnathan".

One sailor who was on the shore was killed while another suffered injuries. No damages were reported to any of the FACs.

The naval patrol craft on surveillance duties detected few echoes appearing on their Radar displays from Nayaru area. All sea units were alerted and message was sent to both Eastern and Northern naval commands keeping the naval headquarters operations room informed. Naval units observed around twenty (20) sea tiger boats moving South hugging the coast. FACs then blocked the sea tiger move off Pulmoddai area and confronted them fiercely. Meanwhile, the naval intelligence units intercepted tiger communications between a group of ground cadres and sea tiger units. The shore detachments of the Navy which stretches along the coast North of Trincomalee too stood by to cut off any ground movements of the tiger cadres who are believed to be trapped in the Peraru jungles after their defeat in areas South of Trincomlaee.

During this year alone, LTTE had made four attempts to evacuate their trapped cadre along this route.

On 12th February, sea tigers launched their boats towards Poduwakattu area, but the Navy's Fast Attack Craft averted their mission by destroying one sea tiger boat along with cadres.

Once again on 27th February, another such attempt was thwarted by the Navy when they attacked and destroyed two (02) sea tiger boats off Pulmoddai.

Tigers failed again on 12th August when they were turn back and send with heavy damages after destroying a sea tiger boat.

The latest incidents record as the biggest lost for the sea tigers in attempting to evacuate their trapped cadres in Peraru jungle areas. It is important to note that though the tigers are said to be completely washed from the East, they have made their way towards the Peraru jungles through ground tracks. What are we going to do to them now? The possible option remains as to hunt them down before they make the next attempt for their desperate evacuation attempt in order to gather cadres to face a possible northern thrust by the Security Forces.


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SBS said...

Pulmoddai is a beautiful area and now naval intelligence is precisely zooming on Peraru area and Open season for "Duck Shooting" is in progress.(In this case sitting LTTE ducks of Peelam)