Friday, June 08, 2007

LTTE floundering to be seen strong denies final rights to own dead

It has been a custom of the LTTE and its docile media components to exaggerate death figures of the Security Forces personnel following a confrontation. Sea battle on Friday, in which the naval units destroyed an LTTE suicide craft, was no exception. Since , no legitimate military can cover its deaths and casualties , such absurd attempts of the LTTE is usually ignored and left to the delight of the terror sympathizers and perhaps to some mean spirited politicians in the South also. The aim of the LTTE in such attempts is to mislead south and its own diaspora to get propaganda mileage.

However, recent incidents indicate that the LTTE has resorted to the most shameful tactic that any fighting force can exercise to deceive not the South but the very own Tamil community in Wanni. According to a very reliable source the LTTE leadership had ordered to bury over 50 of its fallen cadres without giving any final rights, in order to show that they were army soldiers killed by the LTTE. These cadres who were killed in the recent clashes between the Security Forces and the LTTE in the west of Omanthai area were worn army overalls and let putrefied before being buried, the sources said.

The ICRC officials who visited un-liberated areas to exchange dead bodies also confirmed that they had seen a large number of putrefied dead bodies clad with army overalls. When inquired by the ICRC officials, the LTTE stated that the bodies belong to SL army but they would not hand them over to ICRC. The ICRC officials returned to the cleared area with the body of a soldier who had been reported missing in action since the end of March. Later, it was reported that the bodies were buried in a mass grave giving publicity that it was a burial of the enemy soldiers.

However, reports from Wanni indicate that this abominable act has been bared and the parents of the dead LTTE cadres are disgusted with the LTTE leadership. The senior LTTE leader Balraj, who was behind act, is reportedly looking for explanations to the parents inquiring the fate of their young children. According to our sources the Junior level LTTE cadres too were shocked as the news being spread that their comrades were given an enemy burial in order to deceive them that the organization is winning the battle.


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