Monday, April 16, 2007

2 TNA Parliamentarians caught up in claymore blast

Two TNA Parliamentarians traveling to meet tiger political wing leader Thamilselvan have been caught in a claymore attack. The incident had taken place at a place called Murukandi, an un-cleared area 12 km south of Killinochchi on the 29th.

The TNA Parliamentarians caught up in the blast were Selvam Adekkalanathan and Kiddiran Sivaneshan.

The two Parliamentarians had been traveling in a white coloured van on A-9 road and a similar van had traveled before it carrying tiger cadres.

As the vehicles reached Murukandi Hindu temple the bomb had exploded killing a tiger cadre traveling in the van in front.

Though the attack had taken place on the 29th the TNA Parliamentarians and tiger organization had tried to keep it a secret. As such, the incident was never reported in any tiger media. Tigers had not been able to find out who had been responsible for the attack.

When Parliamentarian Adekkalanathan was asked about the incident, later when it came to light, he had said the Speaker of the Parliamentarian would be consulted regarding the incident.


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