Thursday, January 11, 2007

STF captures another Tiger camp with a garment factory in Eastern Sri Lanka

Elite Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) captured another LTTE camp in Kanchijudichcharu in the Ampara district killing at least four Tiger terrorists this morning, military said.

They said that STF personnel who captured LTTE’s Ampara district main camp known as Stanley Base in Kanchijudichcharu last Monday (08), captured the ‘Janaka’ camp, situated west of the Stanley Base.

LTTE cadres had launched mortar attacks from the 'Janaka' camp at STF personnel deployed around the Stanley Base.

According to the STF, a large factory where uniforms were stitched for LTTE cadres had been situated inside the Janaka camp. Motorcycles and other vehicles had also been recovered from the camp.


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