Monday, July 24, 2006

LTTE's ethnic cleansing of the Muslims yet not subsided.

"TamilEela Viduthali Pulikal strongly believes in Tamil nationalism and we wanted to embrace the Tamils living in North, East, Upcountry and also the Tamil speaking people – Muslims. There is no Tamil nationalism without the participation of the Upcountry Tamils and Muslims who are also Tamil speaking people," emphasized Pillaiyan the special commander of the TMVP led by Colonel Karuna and one of the senior leaders of the outfit.

Pilliyan announced that several hundreds of Muslims are already members of the TMVP and they will embrace more Tamil-speaking Muslims to join them and to work together politically and militarily.

Pillaiyan was speaking to Asian Tribune regarding the recent decision taken by a group of political parties, who according to reports got together to organize a new organization called "Alliance for the Protection of the People of the East" (APRE) and resolved that Eastern Province should be separated from the Northern Province.

When Asian Tribune asked whether TVMP agreed with the new organization to separate the Eastern Province with the North, Pillaiyan said that so far TVMP has never announced anything to that effect.

He clarified that they were invited to participate in a meeting convened by the Patriotic National Movement (PNM) on 22 March. Representatives from the TVMP participated in the meeting. Pilliayan said that their representatives listened to the views expressed in the meeting and in the end told the convenors that the matters discussed in the meeting "has to be decided in our politburo and would convey our decision later."

Pilliyan further added so far they haven't decided anything regarding the issue of separating the East from the North. In the meantime he said "TamilEela Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal is not interested in separating the Tamils and the Tamil-speaking people."

He explained, "TMVP wanted to embrace the Tamils in the North, East, Upcountry and the Tamil-speaking Muslims. This is what we mean by Tamil Nationalism."

He further clarified that it was Prabakaran who was involved in the heinous act of ethnic cleansing by chasing away more than 10,000 Muslims families nearly 90 to 100,000 Muslims from the North on one very fine day. He said, "We live in the midst of the Muslims and they live in our midst and we wanted them to be an integral part of the Tamil nationalism."

"It is very clear that even after chasing the Muslims out of the Northern Province, who are still languishing in the refugee camps, yet Prabakaran and Anton Balasingham’s revenge against the Muslims have not subsided."

"It became clearly evidence that LTTE acts of ethnic cleansing of the Muslims continues, when Balasingham alleged in the last Geneva conference and continues to persists even after the conference, that a Muslim armed group called "Jihad" is in existence in the East. This was a ploy by Balasingham to paint a wrong picture of the peace loving Muslims of the Eastern province."

Pilliyan said, "He was trying to play petty politics by demonising the Muslims of the East as terrorists in the eyes of the international community."

Pilliyan said "we have seen the Liberian war lord Charles Taylor; the Prabakaran of Liberia arrested and jailed to face charges of anti-human activities in the international court." He added that it want be long for Prabakaran and Anton Balasinghams are arrested and charge sheeted before the international court for acts against humanity."


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