Thursday, June 08, 2006

Two Sinhala workers killed in SLA deep penetration attack

Two Sinhala workers of Thuppara Enterprise, a water supply company, were killed in a Claymore attack at Sannar in Periyamadu, an LTTE controlled area, in Mannar district around 12:45 p.m. Thursday, Tamileelam Police officials said.

One of the victims was identified as H. M. Amarasekara, 45. The other victim is yet to be identified. They were riding in a vehicle, with registration number CPHF 5832, Police officials said.

A vehicle with a Mannar district field commander of the LTTE was riding 5 minutes behind the civilian vehicle that was ambushed by the deep penetration unit, Police officials further said.

The DPU ambush has taken place 4 km from Periyamadu on Periayamadu - Pallamadu road.

Further details are not available at the moment.


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