Thursday, June 23, 2005

SLMM hushes up abduction of van driver by LTTE

Colombo, 21 June, ( The family of a Sinhalese van driver who was abducted by the LTTE went to the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) to complain. SLMM told them to keep quiet and not to tell the Police. So they didn’t tell the Police.

But they went to the Red Cross in Vavuniya. A man named Anton was in charge and he did not take down the complaint. He told them to come back in two days time.

This is only one part of the story of 32-year-old H. K. C. Abeysekara, National ID 693573254v of Ruwanpura, Kirigalwewa, Medawachchiya. He is a father of two children: son Poorna Deshan Abeysekara(6 )and Dulanjalee Abeysekara (3) His wife Nirmala Dissanayaka 26 yrs.

His job was to drive the Toyota van 51-8464 owned by a Tamil mudalali. He promised to get the Sinhala driver out within two days. Even he is absconding now. The LTTE suspects that the driver is an Army informant.

Finally the father, wife, son and daughter went to a lodge a complaint at the LTTE Kilinochchi office on 16 June 2005. It now stands as complaint no. C.I.B. 11109 382/60.

An LTTE woman cadre took down their statements through a translator. Later they were into another jungle patch. There the LTTE interrogators took statements again after separating father from wife. IN the evening they were brought back to Kilinochchi. Father was brought on a pushbike. Wife and two kids were transported in a motorbike.

They were given shelter in a church till the following day. Next day they were produced before court. Court proceedings took place after hoisting their LTTE flag and singing of their so-called national anthem. At 10 am they were told that Abeysekera cannot be released because he looks very much Army man and he must be an Army informant. Transport was given up to the bus stand on a push cycles for kids. Others were asked to walk.

LTTE took the home telephone number (0712-570110) of Abeysekera. The LTTE has not informed of what has happened to him since.

A complaint (No. 1104) was made to the SLMM 13 June. They have advised the poor father not to complain to SL Police. They called the Tamil mudalali, later who promised to get the driver released within 2 days. Now the mudalali is not responding.

Wife and the two kids are now left with no one to complain. They have not complained to the Police because the SLMM told them not to.

The plight of Abeysekera the driver SLMM is yet to convey to the family. Will they or will they not?

- Asian Tribune -